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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 2

Table for Two Weekly Meal Plan - Week 2

We’re into the second week of January and how is your year going so far? Eating healthier and cooking more? I hope so! Remember, every SATURDAY, I’ll share a weekly meal plan with you. That means on Sunday, you can go grab all the ingredients you need for the week! If you missed week 1, you can check it out here, and for future reference, all weekly meal plans will be located here.

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San Diego Eats


When Jason and I visited my brother in LA over Thanksgiving, we knew we wanted to take a drive down to San Diego. It’s only a couple hours’ drive (well, if there was no traffic, lol) and Silvercar had graciously lent us an Audi A4 to drive around for the week so it was a no-brainer that we would take advantage and head on down to SD! I also have a couple friends from high school that live there so…

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Leek and Mushroom Boursin Orzo

This leek and mushroom orzo dish is incredibly creamy and irresistible thanks to Boursin cheese! You will LOVE it and it comes together in 30 minutes!

Let’s talk about the fact that I’ve been living under a rock for…oh, ya know, 13 years. I never got into The Bachelor ’cause I just think the idea of the show is dumb and more than half the people end up breaking up or calling off an engagement a few months after the show ends. Well, one of my best friends convinced me to watch the new season on Monday night and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I actually…

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Walking Around Paris


When I was in Paris, I didn’t expect to do as much walking as we did. I totally thought we would be able to Uber every where but when you started walking around, you realized how close everything was and you had this mindset of, “oh, it’s only a 15 minute walk, we can totally do that!” but the more you did that, the more it added up, haha The first day we were there, after our red eye flight,…

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20-Minute Sweet and Sour Harissa Chicken with Green Beans

20 minutes is all it takes to get this flavorful and delicious meal on your dinner table!

Happy 2016! In case your catching up and missed it this weekend, I have a new feature on the blog: Weekly Meal Plans! I’m sad the holiday season is over. Mainly because that means I have to go back to work and I can’t lounge at home in my PJ’s all day with my husband and pup. That is literally all we’ve been doing the past two weeks. We even got to sleep in a bit since Winston is older…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 1

Table for Two Weekly Meal Plan - Week 1

It’s a new year so that means trying something new! I’m starting a new feature on the blog where I help YOU (and let’s be real, it’ll help me as well) meal plan for the week! Every SATURDAY, I’ll share a weekly meal plan with you. That means on Sunday, you can go grab all the ingredients you need for the week!

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Top 15 Recipes of 2015

The Top 15 Recipes of 2015 on Table for Two! Come check out the list and see if any of your favorites made it!

Another year has come to an end so here we are counting down the top 15 recipes of 2015! I usually do the top 10 but top 15 had a nice ring to it since it was 2015. Looking back on 2015, it was a really good year for not only this blog but also life in general. I had the opportunity to travel almost every month – I went to five different countries and four different U.S. cities. I published a…

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