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Cook. Eat. Love. Repeat.

Hot Pepper Garlic Chorizo Cheeseburger

You're going to want to sink your teeth into these hot pepper garlic chorizo cheeseburgers!!

Weekends are already short enough and when you have to work on a Saturday, your weekend is even shorter. Thankfully, this weekend wasn’t a super nice spring weekend so I didn’t feel like I missed out on too much. I can’t believe how cold it was and I also can’t believe that there were places further north that got SNOW! That stinks! Thankfully, I’m headed to LA tomorrow which means the land of the best weather and abundant sunshine! I…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 14

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 14
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Beyond the Table

multi-colored eggs

(source) Happy APRIL!! Geez, already four months into 2016. Tell me your favorite April Fools joke you’ve done on someone and one that has been done on you. I fall for Google’s EVERY.YEAR. Btw, what if farm fresh eggs really came in those gorgeous pastel colors above? I think they’d be too pretty to crack! Okay, I officially decided we are doing white subway tile in our new kitchen. I LOVE the way it looks. However, I only like it…

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Yeasted Berry Waffles (aka The Best Waffles Ever)

You'll never make waffles any other way again after you've tried these yeasted berry waffles. The yeasted waffles are ultra light, crispy, & even custardy! You will want to make a giant batch of this mix for future brunches!

Hope you had a Happy Easter! We took Winston to a local pet store to grab some things and we didn’t realize they were having an Easter egg hunt for dogs! Winston found them all but we only let him have one 😂 Okay so I need to talk to you about these waffles. They’re really the best waffles ever because they’re the lightest and most crispy waffles you will ever have. Yes, there are some special ingredients for them but…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 13

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 13

I hope you all have a Happy Easter tomorrow! 🐰

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Beyond the Table


(source) Omg, could you imagine having that spread above for brunch?! I kind of want to start doing Beyond the Table posts on Wednesday’s. What do you guys think about that? From what I see from my analytics, Friday is kind of a dull day and everyone is checked out and ready for the weekend! Have you guys watched ‘Cooked’ on Netflix? It’s only four episodes but it’s so interesting how natural elements make FOOD. If you watched the episode,…

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Honey Cream Latte

This honey cream latte is a unique take on latte. The honey floral notes will make your next cup of latte that much better!

Well, it’s official. We have a ratified contract and we are officially building a house!! Exciting and crazy times ahead. I can’t wait to blog about this entire process; the ups, the downs, and everything in between! In the next 30 days, we will be meeting with our structural designer to go over the structure of the house and see if there’s anything we need to change i.e. layout of cabinets, size of room, etc. Then, in a couple months,…

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