2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Him from Table for Two

Quite possibly the hardest gender to shop for. At least I think so! And if you think the same then hopefully this gift guide will help you out this year. If you missed my other gift guides, the one for cooks is here and the one for her is here.

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Her from Table for Two

Here is a gift guide for all the ladies! Maybe it’ll give you some ideas to give your significant other ;) if you missed it earlier this week, I posted a holiday gift guide for the cooks! A holiday gift guide for HIM is coming soon, too! I feel like they’re the hardest to shop for ;) Anyway, enjoy the ideas for her, below!

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Last month, I got the opportunity to hop on a cruise ship with Princess Cruises and sail to the Mexican Riviera. I had never been to Mexico before and I have always wanted to go to the Mexican Riviera. Truth be told, the real reason why I jumped at this opportunity was because I was 1. going to be with my blogging besties and 2. because Cabo San Lucas was on the port list. I have been dreaming of going…

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Mexican Meatballs

Mexican meatballs are a fun and inexpensive appetizer to throw together in a pinch! Super flavorful and fun little bites that can be served with salsa or guacamole!

For the past few weeks, my throat has been scratchy. Typically, a scratchy throat for me means that a cold is about to rear its ugly head. However, it lasted for two full weeks and nothing ever came about. It was just a constant tickle and a little bit of sore. Kind of annoying but I was happy it wasn’t a full blown cold. Well, last week the scratchy throat decided to go full blown cold. I ended up losing…

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Foundation is Laid

This is the ‘unsexy’ part of the house build process. It’s just a bunch of dirt and cement and doesn’t seem like much is getting done. However, this is probably the most important part of the house! You have to have a strong foundation in order to have a house that will last a lifetime. What’s funny is, majority of the first floor is already framed and I think we’ll be under roof in a couple weeks. I’m just slightly…

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Whole Wheat Penne with Broccoli Rabe, Chicken Sausage, and Sundried Tomatoes

A light and hearty pasta dish that will sure to fill you up! This whole wheat penne with broccoli rabe, chicken sausage, and sundried tomatoes is a flavorful and unique pasta dish to put on your dinner table!

We’re in the midst of preparing our house to go on the market. With that comes a lot of little touchups and repairs. Thankfully, it hasn’t been a whole lot of stuff but oh my gosh, we wanted to rip our hair out yesterday with the PAINT! The previous owner of this house left every single can of paint color that they used in this house for us. They even labeled everything, like what room each paint was for. We are…

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Cooks

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the Cooks from Table for Two

I’ve put together a quick holiday gift guide for you before Cyber Monday! I’m sure there will be some awesome deals to snag up (some have already begun) so I hope this guide will help you shop for those cooks, bakers, and kitchen lovers in your life! These are some of my most favorite things I personally have and use in the kitchen; some on a daily basis! Although some are pricey; they are definitely worth the investment as they are…

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