When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

Having an unofficial meal by having a hummus party with friends! #hummusparty #sabra #sponsored

I can’t get over how amazing the weather has been the past week. I guess this is what it would feel like to live in California. Waking up every morning to crisp, cool air and then the afternoons warming up to the low 70’s and lots of sunshine. Oh, and ZERO humidity. I wish the East coast would get the memo from California that their weather is much more desired than what East coast gets in the warmer months ;)…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 16

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 16
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Beyond the Table


(source) We can’t stop watching the new Star Wars movie!!! Gah, it’s so goodddd!!! Winston has been acting so weird. He is starving himself. Like he’ll only eat one meal a day and turn his head when we try to give him food all other times. We think it’s cause he doesn’t like his current dog food anymore and will force himself to eat it once a day cause he’s hungry…so needless to say, we’re looking to switch dog food…

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Arugula Spinach Pesto Orzo Salad

A great springtime pasta salad dish to bring to outdoor events or to have at home! The flavors and colors of this dish will make any day cheery!

So, it snowed this past weekend. That was all sorts of lovely. Maybe now with global warming the new saying will be, “April snow showers will bring May flowers.” haha If you’re experiencing the unusually colder April weather or just looking for a great springtime dish, this one is calling your name! This arugula spinach pesto orzo salad is loaded with veggies and flavor. We loved serving this cold but it’s also great warm. This would make an excellent picnic…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 15

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 15

What a crazy week it has been! Coming to you a little late this morning but hopefully that’s better than never! ;) have a great weekend! xx

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It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting at my dining room table right now writing this post. As of this morning, I was supposed to be heading to the airport and on my way to LA. In fact, today (Wednesday), I should be at an Albertson’s event meeting Kelly Kapowski Tiffani Amber Thiessan. But the universe had different plans for me and you know what? I have finally come to terms with it and I’m okay with it.

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Hot Pepper Garlic Chorizo Cheeseburger

You're going to want to sink your teeth into these hot pepper garlic chorizo cheeseburgers!!

Weekends are already short enough and when you have to work on a Saturday, your weekend is even shorter. Thankfully, this weekend wasn’t a super nice spring weekend so I didn’t feel like I missed out on too much. I can’t believe how cold it was and I also can’t believe that there were places further north that got SNOW! That stinks! Thankfully, I’m headed to LA tomorrow which means the land of the best weather and abundant sunshine! I…

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