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Beyond the Table


(via) You know what? I want to go to London during Christmas time. Can you just imagine being there during this time of year? I bet they have the prettiest decor along with those beautiful buildings and architecture. I keep seeing folks ice skating in front of the Somerset House and it looks so dreamy!

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Homemade Whipped Body Butter

Homemade whipped body butter is a perfect gift for anyone! It's easy to make and it's like having a luxurious spa treatment at home!

If you’re into DIY gifts for Christmas, this post is for you! I’m typically not a huge DIY’er by any means (I’m horrible at crafting and doing just about anything DIY) but when I heard about this whipped body butter recipe, I knew I had to make it for some Christmas gifts this year! I LOVE body butters especially in the winter time because I get extremely dry skin. It’s like as soon as my skin gets any lotion touching…

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Spicy Sausage, Spinach, and Mushroom Gnocchi

This 15-minute spicy sausage, spinach, and mushroom gnocchi is SO flavorful and incredibly easy to whip up that you'll want it on your dinner table multiple times a week!

This 15-minute spicy sausage, spinach, and mushroom gnocchi is SO flavorful and incredibly easy to whip up that you’ll want it on your dinner table multiple times a week! This past Wednesday, I went with my friend and tried out SoulCycle after work. Have you ever heard of it? It’s like this ridiculously crazy spin class that’s a whole body workout because you do upper body work while you cycle, too. I’ve never done a spin class before and I…

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Spicy Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

Spicy sausage and pepperoni pizza is so much better made at home than getting delivery! You'll thank me later.

And just like that, Thanksgiving is over and we’re moving right along into December. Can hardly believe 2015 is 31 days away! Jason and I got back yesterday afternoon. The flight home was definitely less eventful (and way less stressful) than the one heading out. We headed down south on Wednesday and our flight was originally scheduled for 11:30am but since there was this snow storm rolling through, I called the airline on Tuesday and was able to switch our…

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Beyond the Table


(via) I hope everyone’s had a delicious Thanksgiving! In DC, we had a snowstorm come through and I’m not sure how much it disrupted travel for people later in the day, but for us, we weren’t supposed to fly out til Wednesday around noon but we were able to thankfully move it to early morning (7am) on Wednesday. That also meant we had to wake up at 3:45am to be at their airport around 5. Let’s just say I slept…

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15 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas

15 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas to help you finish off those turkey day leftovers!

Have you thought about what you’re going to do with all those leftovers?! If not, don’t worry – I thought about that for you. :) Not only do I have a list here, I have a bunch on my Thanksgiving Leftovers Pinterest board as well that didn’t make it on this list ’cause it could go on and on! After you run around getting ready for the big meal tomorrow and eat all that your belly can hold and as…

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10 Breakfast Ideas for Overnight Guests

10 breakfast ideas that you can make ahead of time for overnight guests! This list will help you out for the holidays!

It’s holiday season and that means you’re likely going to have overnight guests! Nothing is more stressful than making a full holiday meal and then having to figure out what to make for everyone the next morning. I’ve come to the rescue with this list of 10 breakfast ideas for overnight guests! Most of these recipes you can make a couple days ahead of time and then warm them up the next morning! Some of them are even made overnight…

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