Fig and Honey Mascarpone Ice Cream

This fig and honey mascarpone ice cream is a beautiful pale pink with the most incredibly rich and creamy texture! The taste is out of this world and a great way to use your figs!

Here we are; the last day of fig week on Table for Two. I know technically it wasn’t a full week but let’s pretend? Although, I do wish it were Friday! I’m finishing out fig week with this gorgeous fig and honey mascarpone ice cream. Could the combination be any more dreamy? The pale pink color has me like 😍 and the taste. Oh the taste. It’s so creamy and basically everything you could ask for in ice cream. When Gina and I…

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Homemade Fig Preserves

Homemade fig preserves are so easy to make and a great way to savor the short fig season!

Fig season is so incredibly short so what better way to preserve the figs by making homemade fig preserves?! I know this totally looks more like tomato jam but I promise you these are definitely fig preserves! Haha We have found so many ways to use fig preserves. We’ve put them atop our favorite Ezekiel bread in the morning, we’ve added it to plain yogurt to naturally sweeten it up, I’ve added it to an ice cream base to make the most…

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Fig and Prosciutto Grilled Pizza

A classic combination of flavors but what better than to throw it on a grilled pizza? The pungent blue cheese pairs so well with the rest of the sweet figs and salty prosciutto!

It’s unofficially fig week here! I’ve got three recipes, including this fig and prosciutto grilled pizza, on tap ready for you to use up all your figs! Fig season is so incredibly short so hopefully some of the recipes I have this week will help you take advantage of the short season and maybe the one tomorrow, you can do some canning and savor the season all year long! Now I know that fig and prosciutto is a classic combo…

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Beyond the Table

(source) 1. So I woke up at 3am to pre-order the new iPhone 7 – as I do every other year with the new iPhones. I am the biggest closet nerd you will ever meet. Technology makes me giddy. I can thank my dad for all this :) 2. I’m on day 31 of sugar-free and it’s actually really crazy that I’ve already done a month of this. I’ve gone to the ice cream shop with Jason three times in…

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One-Skillet BBQ Chicken and Vegetables

This easy one-skillet bbq chicken and vegetables dish is the perfect busy weeknight meal! One-skillet also means less dishes and we can all live with that!

Everyone is saying summer is over. It’s not over! It might be for students and parents of kids who are in school but it’s definitely technically not over yet if you go by the calendar date because the last day is the 22nd! Which makes it all the more perfect time to take advantage that the weather is still warm enough to grill and make this one-skillet bbq chicken & vegetables! One-skillet meals are my absolute favorites. Throw everything in the skillet and…

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Banana Peanut Butter and Date Smoothie

This banana peanut butter & date smoothie is a healthy alternative to curb your sweet tooth! Sweetened naturally with dates, this smoothie is going to be your new favorite "dessert!"

If there was ever a time that I could truly say how much I love a smoothie, this banana peanut butter and date smoothie would be it. I make this smoothie daily. It’s the perfect post-workout drink (you can easily add in vanilla protein powder to this) or the perfect after-dinner treat to curb that sweet tooth. Since I’ve been on my sugar-free challenge, this is what I have been having as a treat every evening. It’s naturally sweetened due to the dates…

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Table for Two Meals I Make ALL.THE.TIME


Where I live, grade school starts tomorrow. I know many of you who live in different parts of the country have already been back to school for more than a month. As long as I can remember, we’ve always started school after Labor Day but we get out of school late. Like pushing end of June while everyone else seems to already be on their vacations! Whether or not school has started for you, I’m pretty sure this list of…

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