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Beyond the Table


(via) Umm so can we talk about how it’s less than 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving? How is this year almost over? Please, just enlighten me how this is possible?! Ok, well, you don’t really have to but it’s still crazy to me. I’m pretty sure you’re planning your big feast so for starters, I have some awesome side dishes & desserts in the Thanksgiving section of my site if you care to take a gander. Second, do you Pinterest?…

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Southern City Flavors (and Giveaway Opportunity)


I’m super excited to share with you guys this company especially since I’m completely addicted to their jams AND let’s talk about how perfect these would make as gifts for the upcoming holiday season! Southern City Flavors makes jams, BBQ sauces, hot sauces, brittle, cornbread and grits, pancake mixes, and more! They also have a bunch of gift sets that are pre-packaged to make gift-giving a breeze.

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Fudgy Biscoff Swirl Brownies

These fudgy Biscoff swirl brownies are the moistest and chewiest brownies ever! The Biscoff swirl on top gives this brownie that irresistible touch!

I got my first facial this past weekend. Every woman I know tells me how amazing they are and I’ve never had the experience! I’m kind of weird about my face. It can be really sensitive to certain products and I just don’t really like people touching my face. Is that weird? I’m ok with full body massages but I can’t deal with people touching my face, lol Anyway, so the esthetician told me that my skin is amazing and…

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Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and Brown Butter Shortbread Bars with Sprinkles

These salted caramel, dark chocolate, and brown butter shortbread bars are three simple layers full of seriously awesome gooey goodness.

I’m super excited to share this recipe with you guys today because not only is it freaking amazing in all its gooey glory; it’s also special because we’re celebrating someone who’s as sweet as a peach and deserves an entire pan of these bars! Can ya guess who? She’s got a cookbook out called Seriously Delish…

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Homemade Pizza Dough Blend

This homemade pizza dough blend combines the best of both worlds! White & whole wheat flours will make this pizza dough blend a staple in your house!

Can I just say I already hate winter and it’s not even here yet? The second the weather started turning cold, my skin was like “ahhhhh time to get all alligator-y” and my stomach was like HIBERNATION TIME! Seriously, I’ve been eating non-stop this weekend. It’s sooo weird. I’m STARVING 3 hours after I’ve eaten a big meal (ha, and obvi I’m not pregnant) and I’m so sleepy all the time. I just want to eat and sleep. I mean,…

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Beyond the Table


(via) Happy Halloween! This week has kinda been different in that there have been no recipes posts but it’s a nice breather, right? They’ll be back next week and you’ll want to get your bellies all ready for them! I’m probably one of the very few but I despise Halloween. I hate dressing up and I just don’t like anything scary. I’m also superstitious so this whole holiday just isn’t fun for me. Fun fact: I once was dragged to…

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Playing Tourist in London


You’re going to want to get your most comfortable walking shoes on because London is definitely a walking city. I didn’t know this but the health section of my iPhone tracks the number of steps I take a day and whether or not this is accurate, it showed that while Jason and I were in London, each day we walked an average of 17,000 steps. 17 THOUSAND. Holy smokes! Definitely was able to burn off everything we ate ;) So,…

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