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Julie Chiou

Hi, I’m Julie and welcome to my table! I'm on a mission to simplify the relationship between food & busy lifestyles. I strive to inspire you with real recipes for real life that are always deliciously easy, innovative, and approachable that your whole family will love!

chinese curry pockets [咖哩餃]

Chinese Curry Pockets a traditional Chinese treat. These delicate savory curry pastries are a traditional Chinese treat. They’re seen in most Chinese bakeries and on the carts at Dim Sum.  In Taiwanese Mandarin, they’re called jia li jiao. They’re pretty popular so you can find them almost at every Chinese bakery. They’re usually filled with …

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basil lemon pesto pasta with zucchini

Basil Lemon Pesto Pasta with Zucchini is a quick and easy vegetarian meal perfect for busy weeknights. Can you tell how much I love zucchini with the number of zucchini recipes I have on here? Well, here’s another one and it’s so scrumptious! It’s a healthy and light dish that  it’s also vegetarian if you …

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parmesan potato cakes

Parmesan Potato Cakes a quick and delicious side alternative to mashed potatoes. Potatoes are one of my favorite starches. I love potatoes. Hash browns, french fries, roasted potatoes with rosemary & olive oil…the list goes on. The list can now include these potato cakes :) They’re just like the zucchini cakes but with shredded potato! …

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rattlesnake rubbed pork & onion burger w/fried egg

Rattlesnake Rubbed Pork & Onion Burger w/Fried Egg a healthier alternative to the drive-thru! Did the title throw you off? The rattlesnake part is actually the name of a spice rub that we got from Jason’s dad, who works at Elite Spice. Pretty interesting name but it’s got good flavor. It has a little bit …

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