Bali, Indonesia – Sanur

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    A travel review of Bali, Indonesia and the coastal beach town Sanur. From fun local foodie spots to where to stay in Sanur!

    As you all know, I went to Bali, Indonesia last month with Amanda for a little fun in the sun! It took what, seemed like forever to get there, but it was well worth it. I had a week in Bali to relax, soak up the culture, eat amazing Balinese food, meet some great people, and get some spa treatments that were unlike any other I’ve had! It’s funny that this is considered winter in Bali. I’m used to snow and 30 degree weather! They get the winds from Australia (currently winter there right now) so it cools Bali down quite a bit. It was really nice when I was there; about 80 degrees with mild humidity. I asked a local what summer or ‘low season’ for them is and she said that you wouldn’t be outside talking to her right now because you would be drenched in sweat. Haha!

    While there, we were in three different cities. They’re all popular tourist destinations and if you ever do research for a trip to Bali, they’ll probably all pop up. The first few days, we stayed in Sanur. Sanur is a coastal stretch of beach that is in southeast Bali. Historically it is known as a fishing village and you see a bunch of fishing boats out and about on the water still today. The first day that Amanda and I were both there (I arrived a day early), we had a free schedule. We walked along the beach and waterfront boardwalk and we wandered a bit into town to catch a glimpse of the local scene. When we were in Sanur, we stayed at the Fairmont Sanur Beach which was a perfect location because it’s right up against the beach and very easy access to wherever we wanted to go!

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  • Sara says:

    wooooowww! That looks so amazing! Now I want to go there too and have the same dishes and hotel, and spa treatments and everything! :)

  • nicole @ I am a Honey Bee says:

    your bali trip looks incredible!!!!
    I’d love to go one day.
    It would be such a dream come true.

  • Heather Christo says:

    What a trip of a lifetime Julie! Looks like it was just beautiful!

  • Maria says:

    A week in Bali sounds like a dream!

  • Gaby Dalkin says:

    sign me up! the food looks incredible, I’m all about a good breakfast bar ;)

  • Heather Christo says:

    Everything about this trip looks amazing! I all about that buffet too!

  • marla says:

    I love Fairmont properties! Looks like a wonderful trip!!

  • @Travelpanties says:

    Yum!!! The food and the entire trip looked amazing. I love Fairmont hotels!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah Lou Nails says:

    Good God, take me there NOW!

  • Deborah says:

    This seriously looks like the dream vacation!! The views and the food look to die for!

  • Marnely Murray says:

    I am INSTANTLY sending this post over to my husband, because a trip to Bali NEEDS to happen ASAP!

  • Kimberly @ The Daring Gourmet says:

    This looks incredible!! Gorgeous setting, drool-worthy food, and the Fairmont is stunning!

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