Beyond the Table

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    Jason and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on April 27th! Crazy how time flies. We froze the top of our wedding cake and my sweet mom froze the flowers from the top of our cake, too! Here it is in all its….glory? Ergh. Maybe not really. When she took it out of the freezer, I was kind of grossed out cause the flowers obviously lost their bright purple shades but that yellow-ish tinge was so unappetizing. However, the best part was, the cake still tasted just as good as the wedding day! The cake part was slightly dry but the raspberry filling was still superb!! We were really surprised. My dad was all paranoid and kept saying we were going to have some major stomach bug. It’s ok, we only ate one slice for tradition’s sake.

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  • Rachel @ Baked by Rachel says:

    I seriously need to give that app a try! Looks interesting. And yay for hitting 100!! And I’m totally jealous over the cake because we didn’t save ours. Oops! I still think it’s funny it was frozen with flowers intact.

  • Vijay @ NoshOnIt says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and Jason! Looks like you both had an amazing trip!

  • Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health says:

    i need to get that app…it sounds pretty cool..alot of co workers do eye lash extensions and it looks gorgeous but i havent tried it myself.

  • Christie @ The Weekday Table says:

    I love this post! 1) PureBarre is awesome. Barre is seriously the best workout ever. You should definitely get into doing both Pilates and Barre regularly, they compliment each other so well. 2) Eyelash extensions- eek! I’m so nervous to get them but I have the tiniest lashes ever. Thanks for featuring that! 3) And so excited for the Tieks post, I’ve been meaning to try them for ages!

  • Maria says:

    I just read A Fault In Our Stars, loved it! I am reading a Barbara O’ Neal book right now. Love her books!

  • Leah | So, How's It Taste? says:

    Ooo the way that app wakes you up is so cool! I have a FitBit and it does the sleep graph and wakes you up, but it doesn’t do the wake you up at your lightest sleep part. I joined a gym and I’m so excited they have a barre class on Wednesdays! I can’t go today because of a work meeting (boo!), but I can’t wait to try it after reading how much you enjoy it. Cheers!

  • marla says:

    Too funny with those frozen flowers! Happy anniversary :)

  • Heather Christo says:

    Happy Anniversary! Congrats on the barre. I have a punch card, but I don’t get there near enough! Lashes are my crack. I am obsessed :) and it is official- I have to order some teiks.

  • Kristen says:

    I saw the preview for A Fault In Our Stars and immediately wanted to read the book. The fact that every one says they ball during it makes me avoid it. Your lashes are super cool! I recently heard about Younique and have been thinking about ordering it to see if it is as amazing as people claim.

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