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Beyond the Table


  1. My life is now complete. I LOVED Saved by the Bell when I was younger. This brings back so many memories! One vivid one I remember was I was actually ‘banned’ from watching SBTB because my mom didn’t like that Zack and Kelly were kissing in episodes and felt that it wasn’t age-appropriate for my brother and I to watch and ‘get ideas’ from. Haha, we had to sneak watching it. SBTB and Dawson’s Creek were shows we had to sneak ;)
  2. Speaking of television. PARENTHOOD. WE ARE OBSESSED. Yes, apparently we like being late to the game when it comes to watching shows (FNL, GoT). Everyone on FB was talking about how they bawled their eyes out during the finale of Parenthood and I was all, ‘I’m missing something…’ so took it upon myself to investigate this whole Parenthood show. Yup, officially hooked. I think I’ve cried in every episode, too. I just love how REAL it is. This is sh!t that happens in people’s real life families and it isn’t fake lovey-dovey, we are the perfect family-type show. It reminds me of Step by Step in a way, doesn’t it?
  3. A couple weeks ago, I asked a friend of mine who also happens to be a professional photographer to take headshot photos for me. I needed new ones for the blog but also I wanted a new look for myself to market, especially with the cookbook coming out this year. I don’t like the standard studio ones so we went into DC and took some at the Lincoln Memorial and in Georgetown. Super fun! Jason tagged along and we were able to get some lifestyle photos of us too. My favorite ones of us were in a cupcake shop :) you can see the new headshot and photo of Jason and I on my about page!

  1. Obsessed with my new phone case.
  2. Valentine’s Day! What are you doing? Jason and I have a tradition…date night in. We order Chinese take-out and hang out at home together :) much nicer than fighting for reservations and paying a boatload because restaurants are riding off the “holiday.”
  3. My manuscript…due next week. IT’S HAPPENING. The freedom I’m experiencing on the weekends is liberating.
  4. You know how there are a bajillion face creams out there and all claim to be the very best? I literally have found the BEST one and it’s all-natural and a DIY!

Stacy | Wicked Good Kitchen

Monday 9th of February 2015

LOVE your new photos, Julie! And, night in for Valentine's Day is a thing! So much better than fighting the crowds and receiving less than stellar table service. We go out the following week after a gourmet dinner in for 2 V-Day dinners. Have a fabulous week, my friend! P.S. Can't wait for your cookbook release!


Friday 6th of February 2015

How fun! So excited to see it :)


Friday 6th of February 2015

Can't wait to see your new cookbook!


Friday 6th of February 2015

I haven't watched the video yet, although I shared it with my cousins, who are freaks about that show, on Facebook. I also use frankincense essential oil on my face only with coconut oil. I love it! I couldn't get the link for the phone case to work ;( I need a new phone case! Hope you're well! XO Sheila


Friday 6th of February 2015

Oh weird! It's a rifle paper co. phone case.

Jenny Flake

Friday 6th of February 2015

Totally agree with the SBTB video, so much fun!! Love your new photos too! Have a great weekend! xo