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    1. Doesn’t that photo just make you want to crawl back into bed?
    2. WHAT COLOR IS THIS DRESS?! I’m seriously freaking out. When I first saw it, it was white and gold but then I’m looking at it again and it’s black and blue. How the heck does a photo of a dress just change colors like that?! Seriously, what color do you see???
    3. I’m heading out tomorrow to go on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise with Princess Cruises! Some of my favorite bloggers are going to be there too along with one of my best friends that I’m bringing as a guest (poor Jason, I wish his work wasn’t so annoying). I’m so so excited. I just want sun, sand, blue waters, friends, and a mojito in my hand. Eek! Be sure to follow along on Instagram. I think my hashtag will be #tablefortwoblogtravels.
    4. We had to stop watching Parenthood for a bit since we were traveling last weekend and this week has just been insane. I miss the Braverman’s so much. How am I going to feel after we finish the entire series?! Ahhh let’s not think this yet.

    1. The one time of year that we reinstate our Netflix account is now. House of Cards today! I’m not into it but Jason is obsessed. He can binge at home while I’m drinking on the beach :)
    2. I’m probably late to the game BUT I finally got my hands on some Girl Scout cookies!! I totally pretended that I didn’t want any this year and when Jason’s coworker’s daughter had a whole list being passed around at work, I told him not to buy any. Then when everyone started getting the cookies, I immediately regretted that choice. I was walking out of the metro earlier this week and a lady had a table setup and was saying, ‘last call for Girl Scout cookies!’ I don’t think I turned around so fast. I grabbed four boxes. Two samoas, one thin mint, and one tagalong. We freeze the thin mints :) they’re sooo good that way. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
    3. Omg you guys – planning a private launch party for my cookbook is tough. It’s kind of ridiculous that even though I just turned in my manuscript, I’m already onto the next phase: publicity and party planning. Who knew?! I’m in the process of hiring a publicist and I’m pretty sure I know who I’m hiring HOWEVER, if you have any names you want to give, feel free. I don’t mind having more options just to be certain! The private launch party is for close friends and family (don’t worry – there will likely be a book tour that I’m going to plan with my publicist) and I feel like I’m planning a wedding all over again. I thought I was done with this stuff?!
    4. Speaking of book tours/signings…would you guys be interested in one? Like, I’m petrified I’ll have one in California or Texas or NYC (big reader concentrations there pulled from my analytics) and I’ll have like 1 person show up :( so here’s your chance to voice your opinion! If I had a book signing, would you attend?
    5. Of course I’m also thinking of having informal meetups with you guys so we can just chat and I can meet you guys. More info on that later. My brain is just overflowing with ideas!
    6. BOOKS. I went on another Colleen Hoover devouring spree. Her books are just so freaking good!! I also just finished reading The Girl on the Train. I didn’t really like it :( sucks cause so many reviews said it was really good. There weren’t enough twists and turns for me and they compared this book to Gone Girl. It pales in comparison. There were some good parts and some really messed up parts but a lot of it was too drawn out and you figured out what happened in the end. At least to me, I did. I need some new books for the plane ride and for all the lounging I’m about to do…would love some recommendations!!
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  • lisa says:

    I would love a book tour but Im down in Greenville, SC so Im sure its not a big enough market! Anyway, I have been reading like crazy lately. Ive been just getting some cheap YA books and they are prety easy reads. I like the ones that are series too. Trying to Love You by Megan Smith (its a 5 book series). Never Say Goodbye by T. Renee Fike. Needing You by T. Renee Fike (2 book series). Then I just started More than This by Jay McLean and its pretty good.

    • Julie says:

      Thanks Lisa! I’m going to check those out on Goodreads and add them to my list. I gotta start downloading today!! xoxo

  • Becky says:

    Come to Chicago!!! I’d come and see you! :-) You have a huge following with my closest friends … so at least the 6 of us would be there!

    • Julie says:

      Aww that’s so sweet! :) Chicago is definitely on my list! Will keep you posted.

  • Heather Christo says:

    I would be there with bells on! Seattle has the best cook book shop that all of the traveling authors come through- the Book Larder. oh boy, you are just getting started, the PR for your book will be a full time job! And what is going on!? That dress is emphatically white and gold by the way.

    • Julie says:

      Ooo I’m totally adding that to my list – thanks Heather!! <3

    • Megan {Country Cleaver} says:

      I’m with Heather – You HAVE to come back to Seattle for the book tour!! We would LOVE to see you!! And the Book Larder is All Cookbooks! It’s fanastic! Have a great time on the cruise, can’t wait to follow along :)

  • rupa says:

    completely an out-of-topic question: where did you get your plain white duvet covers??? I’ve seen some online but don’t know which one to choose!!! some are cheap but there are expensive ones. I don’t know how they differ!!

    • Julie says:

      Haha, those aren’t mine! I just found the photo on my favorite Tumblr page. Sorry!!

  • Lindsey says:

    Come to Tampa! I went to a book signing for Jessica of How Sweet Eats at Inkwell Books down here and it was packed! Such a cute little mom and pop store. The staff even cooked a big buffet of food from the book!

    • Julie says:

      Tampa was actually one of the cities I was going to go to! I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for the recommendation :)

  • Maria says:

    How fun to catch up with your life :)

  • Jen S. says:

    I would move mountains to get to meet you at a book signing. I’m in WA and if you need a place here, I would recommend the same place where Jessica Merchant of How Sweet Eats had her book signing.

    Book Larder
    4252 Fremont Ave N Seattle, Wa

    • Julie says:

      Thank you! That means a lot to me :) I’ll be adding Book Larder as the place to contact!

  • amanda @ fake ginger says:

    Yes to Texas! But only if it’s after April because that’s when I get there!

  • Janell says:

    Oh come to Denver. I would be there and bring all my foodie friends!

    • Julie says:

      Yay! I’ll keep you posted :)

  • Kristen Minaldi says:

    The dress is black and blue!

  • Matea says:

    Come to Charlotte, NC!! I would definitely come to a book signing :)

  • Jasmine says:

    come to Oregon, (Portland metro area), I would go and buy that book. How much will the books be?

    • Julie says:

      Hi Jasmine, I’m not sure yet. Prices fluctuate a lot on Amazon. I would imagine around $18-25.

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