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    1. Um, so I just found out what the extra shoelace holes are for. I literally thought they were just in case your other holes got damaged, LOL
    2. This makes me so so sad. Humans suck sometimes.
    3. Omg you guys. On Monday morning, I woke up to the most scary sound outside. It literally sounded like a woman was being stabbed to death and screaming a blood curdling scream. At first I thought it was Jason’s snoring so I purposely hit his arm to get him to shift in bed but he did and the noise was still outside so I FREAKED OUT and was like SOMETHING IS OUT THERE. I almost called the cops but then fell back asleep thinking they would probably think I’m nuts.

    1. CNN (um yes, the CNN) came to my house yesterday and filmed a segment for college grads/cooking for two/my blog and cookbook. It airs next Thursday, May 28. I will be sure to share the link! The interview part – I think I completely sucked. I was so unbelievably nervous and I couldn’t stop sweating. Like, there was SWEAT DRIPPING DOWN MY NECK. I hope they can edit it out. The cooking part – that’s like my natural habitat so that was easy peasy.
    2. If you missed my first post for Food Network on their Dish blog, here is the link to grab the recipe for my beer-bq ribs for two! It’s perfect for Memorial Day if you’re celebrating with a small crowd! :)
    3. Oh, I finally bit the bullet this past Sunday and bought a Fitbit Flex. It was $10 off at Best Buy so I was like perfect timing. So far, I’m loving it because I have never known how many steps I really take a day. I was actually surprised at the number. I also like that it motivates me to get up off my butt at work and walk around the office or go outside and take a walk. I strapped the Fitbit to my cycling shoes and it calculated the steps too! It’s about 5200 steps for a 50 minute class :) I love the silent alarm. No more waking up Jason. The vibration does take a bit to get used to. I freaked out the first couple mornings haha
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  • dixya | food, pleasure, and health says:

    i found about that shoe lace thing very recently as well…and so looking forward to the interview. i bet you were amazing dear :)

  • Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health says:

    CNN?! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see it! And I’m sure the sweat will blend right in. You probably did just fine! :)

    • Julie says:

      Thanks! Haha :)

  • Jess says:

    OMG the shoe lace thing… just watched the clip… MIND BLOWN!! Totally giving that a try before going for my run tomorrow morning! haha

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