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    1. We put in a deposit with a local breeder for a corgi puppy!! We’ll hopefully have him/her home sometime in September if the litter is born next month!
    2. Did you see my cookbook’s pre-order details earlier this week?
    3. I tried convection oven baking this past weekend and I don’t know why I never used that option on my oven. I freaking LOVE it. It’s WAY better than regular oven cooking. I’m kicking myself for not using it until now and we’ve been in this house for three years.
    4. Game of Thrones season finale. That is all.

    1. Have you googled “game of thrones season 5 finale reaction compilation?” If you haven’t, do it. The reactions are hilarious and pretty much in line with Jason and I’s.
    2. I registered yesterday to go to a Helene Dujardin photography workshop in September. Beyond excited doesn’t even begin to describe it. I also found SUPER cheap plane tickets (nonstop) to Charleston, too. $67 each way. Unreal!
    3. My new favorite song.
    4. I’m still loving my paleo diet. Yup, still very much on it. I can proudly say I haven’t had any bread or pasta for over 38 days :) and I’ve only had a sliver of a cookie the other day. I’m seriously loving this new lifestyle and how healthy I’m eating. I’m so much more aware of everything I put in my body now. Oh, and yes, still drinking black coffee :)
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  • Dixya says:

    Yayyyy you are going to love having a puppy.. Also please take that time to enjoy 1st 6 months with them, it’s the best. I regret not doing that with bailey

  • Rachel @ Baked by Rachel says:

    I can’t wait for more puppy news!! So fun that it’s finally happening!

  • naomi says:

    Ohhh, I bet Helene’s class is going to be amazing! Convection oven – love it for somethings and not so much for others. And yay, to you doing paleo for this long!

  • Jennifer says:

    Corgis are seriously the greatest! We got our little guy 4 weeks ago from a breeder in Bellingham, WA. Ours is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and I honestly couldn’t be happier about the choice we made in regards to a Corgi! He will be 12 weeks old on Sunday and training a puppy is a lot of work, but so rewarding.

    If you care to see a photo of him… haha.

    • Julie says:

      Omg, your corgi!!! He’s so cute!!! I LOVE his coloring!

  • Malia @ Small Town Girl says:

    Oooooh I loooove Corgi’s! Yay for you! Can’t wait to see pics in the fall! Yes Game of Thrones… sheesh! I wish George RR Martin would hurry up with the last two books! I’m dying to know what happens next!! Cheers :)

  • Maria says:

    My boys will be super jealous of your puppy!

  • Janell says:

    Congrats on the puppy!! My Corgi, Ike, is 7 and has been the BEST dog. Oh, check out OCD on Tumblr. It’s Obsessive Corgi Disorder with the cutest Corgi pics.

  • cristina says:

    How exciting, the new addition to your family. There’s nothing like the love and happiness a corgi-pup brings (love corgis!). Envious of your photography workshop with Helene and {sigh} a long wait until GOT returns (but still can’t wait!!) Hope you’re having a lovely summer. ;)

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