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Beyond the Table

I’ve completely sucked at keeping up with these posts. I really want to keep up with them but some days I’m like wondering if half the things I talk about make sense or are of any interest. Then again, I probably shouldn’t care too much since I’m trying to move my blog more towards like a ‘journal’ type of thing. I know a lot of people are doing that in 2016 but that’s how I’ve always blogged, even if people just come ‘for the recipes only’ and don’t read my stories. I actually love going back through my archives and re-reading what I wrote – embarrassing or not. I had a xanga and livejournal back in the day and I would write in it every single day. I miss those days! Anyway, here we go..first Beyond the Table of 2016 after a long hiatus!

  1. We got a Nest Cam and it was the best investment ever. We are absolutely obsessed with it. We have it hanging in the corner of Winston’s crate and there’s a Nest app on our phone where we can constantly check on him in ‘live’ mode. It also notifies you every time the camera senses movement. Haha, we spend all our time now checking in on Winston and seeing what sleep position he’s in or what he’s doing. So much fun! When we move to a new home, we’re going to get more of these to put around the house and the front door.
  2. I had a free drink reward at Starbucks the other day and decided to try their new latte macchiato and added toffee nut syrup to it. Um, new favorite drink. It’s so smooth and the espresso isn’t as bitter as their other espresso drinks. Jason thinks it’s the way they draw the espresso in these new ‘craft’ drinks. You should totally give it a try :)
  3. I recently got a sample of YSL’s Black Opium perfume in my Sephora order and I fell in love with it. It reminds me a lot of Flowerbomb but different. I ended up ordering the full size version because I have a feeling my tiny sample size will not last long at all!
  4. We are in the market for a new house! Hoping to move by this summer or maybe start the process of building from ground up. We went to look at a new house a couple weekends ago and check out this beyond DREAMY bathroom! Isn’t this everything you could ever wish for?!
  5. Craving CFA on a Sunday but can’t get it ’cause they’re closed? I have a hack. Order a tray of CFA nuggets on Saturday and ask for them to slow-chill it and put in an aluminum tin for you. All you gotta do is then bake it the next day for 20-25 minutes and bam, CFA on a Sunday!
  6. Are there days where you feel you’re spread so incredibly thin and you are just trying to swim above the waves to catch a breath? That’s where I am this week and where I will be this weekend. I just need March to get here. I’m hoping March brings us a better month and that everything starts going up from there. This year has not started off well at all :(

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Sunday 14th of February 2016

I love these kinds of posts. I WANT that bathroom and also am so glad you posted about the Starbucks drink... I've wanted to try it but just wasn't sure! I love flat whites and don't usually get syurp and macchiatos seem so strong to me, but maybe this is the perfect drink for me! I'm going to give it a try!


Sunday 14th of February 2016

The latte macchiato is the perfect balance. It has an extra shot of espresso in it which really balances it out especially because of the latte part (and let's be real, I always need an extra shot). You'll love it :)


Friday 12th of February 2016

Good luck with house hunting!