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    1. Can you imagine if your backyard was like the photo above?? I love those lights and the beams and benches! Ahh, the best backyard parties would happen if our house was like that! Oh, and throw in a fire pit!
    2. So, I wrote my Winston update and said he was all in the clear…and he ends up getting pink eye. YES, pink eye. Believe it or not, dogs can get it too! Winston has had it once before but this time it was definitely worse. Ugh, poor thing. None of us can catch a break! Thankfully, this time around, he’s SO MUCH BETTER about eye drops. First time was such a struggle.
    3. I went to Target last night to get a notebook and while I was there, I was looking for pocket folders. Do pocket folders not exist anymore or something? For the life of me, I could not find any! Maybe it’s because it’s not back to school and the demand for them is low so they don’t have much in stock?

    1. I am starting to get really into white kitchens that have white subway tile. When we start building our new house, I totally want to do that. What is your favorite white kitchen you’ve seen? I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my dream kitchen and I hope to bring some of it alive with our new house adventure!
    2. Farmhouse sink – yay or nay?
    3. Um, it’s going to SNOW 2-4 inches this weekend. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, how rude!
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  • dixya | food, pleasure, and health says:

    totally rude to snow in March. We had hail yesterday (rolling my eyes big time)…i love farmhouse sink ALOT….and those lights, I want them on my wedding + my backyard someday.

    im so sorry about the pup :(

  • Maria says:

    That backyard is amazing!

  • Alaina {Belle Vie} says:

    that backyard is so dreamy, I could just camp out there all summer!
    I looove white subway tile! & white kitchens foreverrr. cant wait to see your house come together!
    & I vote yes on a huge farmhouse sink! I think they’re so gorgeous!

  • Brianna says:

    If you do get a white sink, I highly suggest staying away from any composite material. I have a white composite granite sink and it stains horribly! We got about 4 inches of snow today in Colorado and I am so over it. I hope sweet little Winston is better soon!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks for the insider tip! I’ve been hearing a lot of the same thing from other people, too so I think I’m going to go for the stainless steel apron front sink! :)

      • Josie says:

        I just put a stainless steel apron front sink in our new kitchen and I absolutely love it! I liked the idea of a white sink, but we have an older one in our basement and it hasn’t aged well, so I figured that’s what I would look forward to if I put one in the kitchen.

        • Julie says:

          We’re doing a stainless steel apron front now too! I have heard the white is too hard to keep clean. Thanks!

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