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    1. I kind of want to start doing Beyond the Table posts on Wednesday’s. What do you guys think about that? From what I see from my analytics, Friday is kind of a dull day and everyone is checked out and ready for the weekend!
    2. Have you guys watched ‘Cooked’ on Netflix? It’s only four episodes but it’s so interesting how natural elements make FOOD. If you watched the episode, ‘air,’ it will make you want bread so bad. The whole time, I was thinking about carbs lol

    1. Birkenstocks are back in (reminds me of high school) and I really want to get a pair of these. Anyone have them or another style? Are they still as comfy as they were back in the day?
    2. My friend had this purse in black. I got it in black but I want it in this port cherry color but is that weird to use in spring/summer? A part of me doesn’t even care and I totally want to get it regardless.
    3. I got this Tory Burch mini wallet. I feel like the larger the wallet, the more I tend to stuff it with unnecessary things. If I limit myself to a small wallet, then I won’t overfill it. My purse will be infinitely lighter, too!
    4. So I usually work from home the middle of the week but I have to go into work next week so we have to send Winston to doggy daycare. Is it weird that I’m starting to get emotional about it and worried how he will interact with other dogs that I’ve never met before? Winston is the nicest and sweetest but I’m worried about the other dogs. I’m totally acting like a mom right now and I imagine this is sort of what moms feel when they drop their baby off at daycare for the first time?! Haha, don’t hate me for comparing the two but I’m sure it’s a little bit the same?!
    5. Easter is Sunday. Make these cute little cheesecake nests :)

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  • Marla Meridith says:

    OMG those flowers!!!

  • Maria says:

    What a gorgeous spread!!

  • Christine says:

    I’m a dog mom so I totally understand the worry about doggy daycare! Our daycare is great and they don’t mind if I call during the day to check on my two. Maybe calling mid-day will help ease your worries?

    • Julie says:

      The lady we send him to texts us constantly with photos and videos so I’m not terribly worried but I just like to physically be there to see how he’s doing, you know? Haha, I’m so attached to him!

  • dixya | food, pleasure, and health says:

    #7 is me when i cant find a sitter and need a puppy hotel..i find Bailey comes back brattier but thats just me being me. # 2 i like mine on Fridays and not recipe focused so that people can have a easy light read…i am so used to MW for recipes…

    • Julie says:

      Thanks for the input!! :)

  • Gaby Dalkin says:

    That brunch picture is EVERYTHING!

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