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Beyond the Table

  1. You guys, having a menstrual cup has changed my LIFE. Brandy told me about it last year and I seriously don’t know how I’ve gone 28 years without using one. (I know totally TMI but I felt like I’ve been hiding this best kept secret for too long)
  2. How gorgeous is this Instagram account?! Makes me want a delivery of flowers :)
  3. Omg, so Jason and I’s 3rd wedding anniversary is in 5 days. WHERE HAS TIME GONE?!
  4. How excited are you for season 6 of GAME OF THRONES on Sunday?! AHHHHH!!!! I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 months since the end of the last season.

  1. Such an awesome post on how to get back on track after overeating (aka me every day).
  2. We think Winston needs a furry brother or sister. He’s so happy with another companion and he just sticks to another dog whenever he’s around one. It would be so cute! We kind of want a bernese mountain dog – it’s like Winston’s bigger twin, haha – they have the same exact markings! We are going to seriously consider getting a second dog when we move to our new home :)
  3. Does anyone have a favorite protein powder that doesn’t taste like crap? I’m thinking about trying Tera or Aloha. Has anyone tried any of those?

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Saturday 23rd of April 2016

Congrats on your anniversary!

I use Vega protein powder and I don't mind it. I'm very sensitive to sweetness so I use the original flavor, but the vanilla chai is good, too! They also have some coconut flavor, a chocolate one, and a few others. It's worth a shot!


Sunday 24th of April 2016

Thank you! I saw the coconut flavor and was so tempted!

Stephanie Hanson

Friday 22nd of April 2016

I love Orgain protein powder...I get it at Costco and it tastes amazing with vanilla almond milk. Yummy!


Saturday 23rd of April 2016

Thank you! I'll keep an eye out next time I go to Costco! :)

Gaby Dalkin

Friday 22nd of April 2016

yessss GOT! It's all I can think about. Is it Sunday yet?


Friday 22nd of April 2016

What a beautiful outdoor space!

Sarah | Broma Bakery

Friday 22nd of April 2016

I am so excited for GOT. And Aloha's is awesome-- I'd definitely recommend :)