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Beyond the Table

united states of america

Well, this week was interesting…to say the least. I’m glad the elections are finally over and we can now try to move forward as a nation. As divided as we all may be; or seem to be, I’m hoping there is some unity to be found.

Sidebar: thank a veteran or someone serving today.

  1. We recently bought Winston a new collar. He had been wearing the same one he’s had since we brought him home over a year ago! We felt it was time to upgrade him to a stylish new one. Love the little corgi butts and corgis all over. We felt it was very fitting :)
  2. I still haven’t watched The Crown yet. Have you? I’m hearing good things!
  3. We make our own lattes every morning and I didn’t realize how strong we pull our shots until the other day, I was running late, so I had to swing by Starbucks on the way to work. I got a venti latte and I took a couple sips and thought about turning around cause I swore there was no espresso in it cause it tasted like hot water. LOL
  4. We have four ripe bananas so I think I’m going to double this recipe and save one for us and give one to our doggy daycare lady :)
  5. I feel like my body is still suffering from daylight saving effects. I have been going to bed soooo early this week.
  6. I turn 30 in a little under 2.5 months. I really want to do it big but our house will also be on the market during that time sooo leaving town might not be ideal. What should I do?! It’ll be dead of winter here so that’s a bummer as well. Local staycation? Drive somewhere? Celebrate at a later date?
  7. Are you doing a Friendsgiving of any sort?!


Friday 11th of November 2016

Still trying to adjust to daylight savings over here too!


Friday 11th of November 2016

I too am glad the election is over!

For your 30th, how about throwing a big party? Or if you like wine tasting, hiring a van for a day and doing a VA winery tour could be fun.


Saturday 12th of November 2016

That sounds like an amazing idea! I love the wineries in the Charlottesville area!! Or I could do something like Salamander Resort and use their fire pit there for s'mores and wine :)