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Beyond the Table

I’ve been doing a bunch of recipe reposts (since I basically had no time to develop new recipes the past month) with updated photos and basically resurrecting old recipes that you may not have seen! Lemon pound cake, Oreo cheesecake bars, and stuffed peppers is what I’ve got up so far!

  1. Omg, the unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks. I bet it’s disgustingly sweet and has all the food dye you should not be ingesting but it’s so pretty!
  2. We got our first gas bill from the gas company and they’re trying to claim that we used $97 in 6 days so our bill for April would be $501. W t f. We reached out to our home inspector, who thankfully took a photo of the gas meter on the day of inspection and it showed it 87. The gas company said on 3/30 that they read it at 11 and then again 5 days later for 104. Problem is, not sure how to prove all this. UGHH
  3. United’s outlook doesn’t look very good. I actually have to fly them in June. Lol, wish me luck!
  4. We got Google Wifi for our house and we now have strong wifi signals throughout our house. Best investment ever if you don’t have good wifi signal throughout your house!
  5. Our FAVORITE olive oil. Straight from Greece and it tells you on the bottle when it was harvested. The flavor is incredible and unlike any other olive oil I’ve ever tasted before — makes sense though since it’s the real deal. HIGHLY recommend you giving it a try. We are on our third bottle and use it for all our cooking. We especially LOVE dipping bread in it with a little cracked pepper.
  6. Have you heard of Thrive Market? I signed up a while ago and used it a handful of times and then stopped. Now that I’m on the smoothie making train again, they have a bunch of ingredients on there for a fraction of the cost. Think about it like a Costco for healthy foods! Affordable healthy living is their mission! If you use this link, you’ll get 15% off your membership!

There are some affiliate links in this post! Doesn’t hurt or cost you anything to click but I will get a little kickback to help pay for blog costs. However, all these things I have bought with my own money! Simply just sharing with you what I think you’d enjoy!


Thursday 27th of April 2017

oh that funny I have to fly with United in June also! hoping for an uneventful or "unnewsworthy" flight haha

dixya @food, pleasure, and health

Thursday 20th of April 2017

i like seeing that frappe too but im not really interested to try it....i have heard mix things from people.

i have been on the same boat with recipes and blogging in general..hopefully things will be less hectic soon.


Tuesday 18th of April 2017

Google WiFi is great! We had a regular router and had problems all.the.time with it. Plus, we have have a toddler and the baby monitor always interfered with the WiFi. Since switching to Google WiFi, we have had no problems.


Wednesday 19th of April 2017

Yes! I'm glad you love it too!