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Beyond the Table


We have finally started putting art on our walls. They have been so bare and we hadn’t unwrapped our paintings or frames since the move because that was the last thing we wanted to worry about. Now that we have put art on our walls, it truly makes such a big difference!

Did you see my frito pie on crack yesterday? You guys have to make it!!

  1. We recently bought an Amazon Fire Stick and let me just say…I don’t know why we waited so long!! We watch Netflix 10 times more than we typically would because (this is going to sound lazy) previously, it would take forever to load on our smart TV and there was an ugly Ethernet cable going from the TV to our router. Now, it’s all connected wirelessly and it’s freaking amazing. We may get rid of cable soon, too. Stay tuned…
  2. After this crazy weekend, we are indefinitely going to be a one dog family for as far as I can see. Winston totally loves the peace and quiet and having a second corgi is just way too much for him (and quite honestly, us too).
  3. A month and a half later…my chandelier I ordered for my office is FINALLY getting delivered on Thursday. But too bad we can’t even install it because I didn’t know you need a freaking conversion kit for it. Why don’t they tell you this stuff at checkout or in the details?! Now I have to wait another week or so for that to get here before we can install. #firstworldproblems
  4. I’m trying to go to London with a couple girlfriends in July but plane tickets are so damn expensive these days. I was really hoping to get something under $700 but the likelihood of that is slim to none. Womp
  5. I finally incorporated face masks into my Korean skincare routine and game-changer!! I am absolutely hooked. I can see why they say you should do this at least once a week. It truly makes your skin feel so supple and hydrated!
  6. I’m like becoming a mascara hoarder. I recently bought three more high-end mascaras to try. I’m thinking I’m going to post my “drugstore vs. high-end mascara” review soon. Would anyone be interested?
  7. What is your favorite brand of nut butter? I’m hearing awesome things about Wild Friends (their logo is so cute) and Naturally More but I’d love to hear your thoughts! My favorites are definitely from TJ’s because they’re the most affordable.
  8. Speaking of nut butters, I’m really tempted to try to make my own. The possibilities of flavors are endless! But nuts are so expensive. I have a feeling a Costco trip is in order!
  9. Omg, speaking of Costco. I hate going there because it’s always a cluster but I’m hearing Instacart delivers your Costco groceries for you. I feel like I need to take advantage but our area doesn’t have frozen fruit deliverable so that’s a bummer…but I’m sure I can find other stuff that would be worth it!

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