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Ok, so if you love buying workout clothes or just wearing yoga clothes in general, you need to get on Fabletics. I have seen the ads all over Facebook with Kate Hudson’s face plastered on it (she’s a co-founder) and never clicked through to try it. Jenny mentioned it a couple weeks ago on her blog and that’s what made me pull the trigger! If you sign up as a VIP, you get an outfit monthly, that you can preview before they ship it, for $50! Don’t freak out about the monthly fee, if you sign in the first of every month, you can choose to SKIP shipment and you won’t get charged but I bet you it’ll be very hard to skip ;) I tried it out and I kid you not, these are pretty high quality workout clothes. I got a pair of charcoal leggings and the flowy shirt you see above in mint. Umm I fell in love with the shirt that I went and bought 3 other colors, haha! The leggings fit true to size as what I normally wear and the shirt, since it’s flowy, I sized down. You should totally give it a try especially if you live in yoga clothes like I do when I’m not in the office!


I’m not ashamed to admit I have dry scalp issues. In fact, this may help some of you guys with the same problem! I’ve always had dry scalp issues and my doctors all told me to use Neutrogena T-Gel. Blech, have you guys ever smelled that thing? It smells like tar. Like, I come out of the freaking shower like I just went for a dip in asphalt. It’s disgusting. But it was the only thing that worked for me. I tried so many things to try to mask the smell (mixing it with shampoo, washing my hair with T-Gel then washing it with regular shampoo and conditioner) and there was always that lingering tar smell.

My dry scalp issues lately have been worse than before and I refused to use T-Gel so I researched some good dry scalp shampoos and came across this one and it has a really nice, mild scent to it has completely fixed my issues without the tar chemical smell. Seriously, I’m so so happy I came across this product. It’s extremely hard to find in stores – they’ll have all the other OGX ones but not this one so if you find that it works for you, I’d stock up! I had to order it from and bought four bottles cause I wanted to get free shipping. Your first order, you only need to spend $25 for free shipping and it’s ridiculously fast. I ordered Tuesday afternoon and within 20 minutes, my order had shipped! I digress…I seriously had my doubts with this but I’m over the moon that my scalp has returned to normal just after a week of using this shampoo!

I haven’t done a Stitch Fix in a REALLY long time. You can see that my last one was October of last year! I just stopped doing it because I needed to purge my closet before I got new things. Don’t worry, I donated to Goodwill :) anyway, so I finally decided to do another one and I was very happy with my box! I kept ALL of it. I love me some stripes and maxi dresses! I’ve never kept an entire box before and was thoroughly pleased that I was able to do that this time around! For my next box, I’ve asked for some Fall items. Yeah, I still can’t believe Fall is rearing its head!


Books! So, I didn’t realize If I Stay was being made into a movie! I heard raves about the book and after I bought it, I saw that it was being made into a movie. I didn’t watch the trailers cause I didn’t want to ruin anything for myself. So, my take on If I Stay: I kind of hated it (don’t punch me!). I just felt that the characters and what she was going through wasn’t elaborated enough. Yeah she was in a coma and there’s not much she can really do when in a coma, but I don’t just felt shallow. Don’t get me started on the way it ended. I was so so angry. It was so abrupt. But, as much as I hated the book, when I watched the trailer, I totally cried my eyes out so I think I’m going to have to go see it, haha

Of course, the way it ended, I HAD to get Where She Went even though I kind of wanted to chuck If I Stay out the window. I’m glad I went ahead and bought the sequel because I LOVED it. It had me breathless and crying during moments throughout the book. Huge relief that I ended up liking it! However, I will say that I hated the ending too! I felt like the author just ended these two books so abruptly like she had to get the manuscript over to the publisher that day or something. I don’t know, maybe I’m just one for long drawn out endings. Have you read any of them?

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[email protected]+at+the+Table

Wednesday 27th of August 2014

Girl, you are a FAST reader! haha! I finally started In Between and read 20 chapters that first night, but haven't had a chance to read anymore since! Gah! Sign me up for a speed reading class, because I definitely need it! :)


Monday 25th of August 2014

Gotta check out fabletics! I pretty much live in yoga clothes!

Jenny Flake

Monday 25th of August 2014

So much fun! I just got another shipment of my Fabletics. Loooooving it!


Friday 22nd of August 2014

I'm totally checking out fabletics! Fun post!!

Alaina {Fabtastic Eats}

Friday 22nd of August 2014

I love Fabletics too! Im already subscribed to JustFab monthly, and my shoe & bag collection is getting out of control, but those workout clothes are soo comfy! I keep going back and forth on reading that book, but now you kind of have me leaning towards NOT. love these posts!


Friday 22nd of August 2014

I would just go see the movie if I were you :)