Cookbook Club: Against All Grain

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    Hi!! I’m a bit behind on cookbook club updates. We had our third cookbook club meet up in February! For this meet up, we decided to cook out of Danielle Walker’s cookbook, Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple.

    We figured since we were just coming off of the holiday eating, we would opt to do something slightly healthier.

    Everything that we chose to make was so good!! I think I ate my weight’s worth in the meatloaf meatballs, lol

    These meatloaf meatballs were AMAZING. The sauce was addicting and the meatballs itself was so tender and moist.

    These fudgy brownies — while they had “healthier” ingredients in it, they were really good! Haha, although, I will say, Erin’s toddler tried them and then spit them out and said they weren’t sweet and tasted bad.

    I can see why a toddler would do that but as an adult, these brownies were great :)

    Here’s the book if you want to see it yourself!

    This was my entire plate. I made the vegetable biryani which was SO good. I added in my own little touches (because I never follow recipes to a T) and I didn’t use just cauliflower. I had to use basmati rice because what biryani doesn’t have rice in it?

    We are having our next cookbook club meet up in mid-April and I can’t wait to share with you all which book we chose!

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