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Current Beauty Favs: January

I haven’t done these in ages and now that I’m way more into skincare and makeup, I feel like I should roundup my favs to share with you guys!

Many of the products you see below are ones that have been tried and true with me and ones that I have used for months and months. Hopefully you’ll find some that you want to try and/or some that you already use!

If there is enough interest, I can try to do these more often but I’m not the type to change out makeup super often or buy new skincare so not sure how I can sustain these monthly beauty posts but maybe every other month or every quarter?

I’ve heard of this essence for years. Like it was the holy grail essence in skincare. I never believed this whole essence thing until I started getting into Korean skincare (which, if you click into that post, a lot of it is super outdated as I don’t use any of those products anymore — I’ve switched to a more luxury brand which I should probably elaborate on sometime soon).

I never bought the SK-II essence because of the price tag. Hello, definitely not cheap BUT Costco has it online every now and then for an exceptional price. The 11 ounce pump that you see above retails for $300 at Nordstrom, Sephora, etc. but at Costco, they sell it for $189.99. I decided to snag it up and see what the big deal with it was. Okay so definitely can see why this is a holy grail product with a cult following. I swear after a week of using it, my complexion was way smoother, my pores were smaller, and I had more dewy and different looking skin. It’s hard to explain. However, I’ve had three people make comments about my complexion so there’s that!

The BEST lip mask there is. I use this EVERY night in the winter/cooler months because it seriously hydrates my lips SO well. It’s sticky/tacky so I don’t like wearing it during the day because my hair sticks to it if the wind blows but it’s perfect for at night/bedtime use. Like I said, super hydrating and I swear it repairs your lips after one-time use. I wake up with silky smooth and hydrated lips. LOVE it. And a tube lasts forever — the one above is about a year old and there’s still plenty of life to it.

Randomly, I found this at the MAC store in Chicago O’Hare airport. I wanted one that was natural but gave me a hint of color. It’s not totally matte you can basically call it matte. It’s a satin color called BRAVE and you can see me wearing it in this video.

Oh my gosh you guys, if you haven’t tried these lip crayons from BITE Beauty, you are 100% missing out on life. They’re matte but they don’t dry out your lips AT ALL. They’re SOOO buttery smooth and go on like a dream. Super pigmented too. And as you can tell, I’m obsessed with them. My favorite one is currently ‘Brandy’ and you can see me wearing it here. Rosehip (the bright red) is one I have been wearing for awhile and I recently just bought red velvet (an in-between red between hotrod and brandy). I haven’t had much of a chance to wear sucré.

LOTS of questions lately about my lashes. Yes, collagen peptides made my lashes grow but neuLASH made my lashes grow even more in terms of length AND volume. Holy cow.

I wish I had a before/after photo but if you have seen me on Instagram stories (when I have makeup on), my lashes are LOOONG. I have never had long lashes and I am so blown away with the results of neuLASH. Yes, it’s true, it takes about three months when you initially start using it to see results but after that, if you keep using it every night, you’ll be able to maintain it. I swear my lashes have doubled in length and volume and they’re way stronger than before.

I know I’m going to get 290482 questions about this so here we go:

  1. No, it doesn’t change the color of your eyes.
  2. You only have to use this once a day. I do this before I go to bed at night. One swipe on the base of your top lashes on each eye.
  3. I had no reaction to using this.
  4. It did take about 12-16 weeks for me to start seeing results.
  5. If you stop using it, your lashes will go back to what it was before.
  6. Way cheaper than eyelash extensions and far less maintenance (in terms of time laying on a table and having an esthetician do your eyelashes).
  7. A bottle lasts me at least 6 months and that’s the smaller size. When I buy the bigger size, it lasts me at least 9 months.
  8. They always have neuLASH on sale during Nordstrom’s anniversary sales and it’s a bundle — it’s basically a steal; kind of like buy one, get one.

And with my new lashes, I have been obsessed with trying out different mascaras. For a while, I had been using YSL’s ‘The Shock’ but then I moved onto IT Cosmetic’s Superhero mascara. While I LOVED the Superhero, I hated that it was so gritty when you removed it. Like I would always get little black flakes in my eyes because of the grit. When wearing it, I never had anything flake off so it was only during makeup removal. I only recently switched to Tarte’s Lashpaint because since I got LASIK, if I were to get any black flakes in my eye from makeup removal, I wouldn’t be able to get them out since I can’t exactly touch my eyes for a while.

Lashpaint is good in that it lengthens my lashes and it comes off super easily, but my heart is still with Superhero. I just love how pigmented it was and how much volume it gave my lashes.

Trying to find some all-natural beauty products and haven’t really found any I super loved but I did find RMS Beauty. I really like their ingredients and the story behind the company. The only thing I love from them (right now) is their magic luminizer. It gives you that shimmery glow on your cheek bones and in the inner corners of your eyes. I also put it underneath my eyebrows at the brow bone. It’s not too much — super subtle and the formula is creamy and easy to use with just your fingers.

I really like using cleansing oils to remove makeup because a little goes a long way and it literally takes off ALL your makeup. I’ve been trying out this midnight recovery cleansing oil from Kiehl’s. They have the midnight recovery eye serum that everyone is OBSESSED with (and one I used for quite some time) so when I saw this cleansing oil, I knew I had to give it a shot.

One pump of this can clean my entire face. It leaves it hydrated and smelling so good. Sometimes it doesn’t do as good of a job though with stubborn mascaras but if I did half a pump more, it does seem to get everything off.

My ultimate cleansing oil balm is this one from Farmacy. Oh my gosh — when they say meltaway, it really truly melts all your makeup away. I LOVE the scent and it’s my ultimate favorite when it comes to makeup removing. I alternate between this and the cleansing oil but honestly, for about the same price, I would buy this Farmacy one over and over again (this is my third jar) and I find myself reaching for this one more often just because of how well it truly lifts the makeup off my face.

Gah! If you guys have an Anthropologie near you, run! These fragrances smell SO GOOD. They’re my new favorite scents. One is more sweet/floral and the other is musky/crisp. I am obsessed. I even gifted them to Brandy and Gina because when they were visiting me, we all wanted the rollerball size of the wildflower bergamot but they were sold out! When I saw them at Anthropologie shortly after they visited, I snagged them!

As weird as this sounds, I have never really been a body wash fan. Like I’ve used it but I have never been one to love one. Until I saw this one from Soap & Glory at Ulta. Such positive reviews on it and it smells divine. I LOVE getting in the shower now, haha! It’s got a musky scent, if you’re into that but it’s kind of hard to describe. It’s like a musky feminine scent. You gotta smell it for yourself. They have it at Ulta but I’ve also seen it at Target!

This coconut body butter from TJ’s is perfect for winter. It’s so soothing and moisturizing and it literally smells like paradise. The coconut scent is not overpowering but you definitely know it’s there. I absolutely love it. And the body butter is really light and fluffy. I am blowing through this jar and I hope they have it year-round!

There are affiliate links in this post but I was not paid for writing this! It’s all products I currently use and love!

Monica Jones

Wednesday 14th of February 2018

I just wanted to talk about the amazing hyaluronic acid serum I discovered over a year ago. I had a spot on my upper cheek, it wasn't big but I felt embarrassed about it. However, since I have started using this from, I can see my skin repairing itself from years of neglect. Do check it out.


Friday 16th of February 2018

Thank you for the recc!

Rosa Kee

Saturday 10th of February 2018

Thank you for sharing your favorite products with us. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to trying many of them.


Sunday 11th of February 2018

Great to hear, Rosa!


Saturday 10th of February 2018

Thanks for letting me know about SK-II being available on Costco online. I have been using that as well as NeuLash for years. Love both products. Do you know of a mascara that doesn't leave you with those "dark smug" under your eyes?


Sunday 11th of February 2018

My mascaras actually don't leave a dark smug under my eyes — I know, it's weird but it usually doesn't happen to me so I honestly have no suggestions in that department :(