happy birthday, jason!

  • Happy Birthday, Jason! Brunch with friends at Founding Farmers.

    I know I haven’t been doing much food posts, but don’t worry, I have 2 coming tomorrow! :)

    Today is my amazing boyfriend’s birthday! Luckily, we both have off today so we get to spend it together..lucky him, I’m sure it’s just what he wished for! ;)

    My scheming started over a month ago to get this surprise brunch to work. Our group of friends love going to brunch for each others’ bdays but we all have a serious social schedule, so I knew if I wanted all of them there, I had to block off that day way in advance so everyone could be there. I sent off the email to peak interest and everyone responded back that they were free (thank goodness!) so then I said I’d figure out the details and email everyone back.

    Jason has always wanted to try Founding Farmers for brunch cause we’ve heard it’s really good, and I know all our friends have wanted to try it too. I made a reservation for 12 on OpenTable for October 9th at 11:45am and it was set.

    I emailed everyone letting them know to get there around 11:30am and Jason and I would show up shortly after. I also called the restaurant a few days beforehand to let them know what I was doing and to seat everyone first. I coordinated with my friend, Amanda, to find out where they were seated, if everyone was there yet, and how traffic was. It worked out great!

    As Jason and I were walking there, I started dropping clues to see if he’d pick up anything. Not a thing. I asked him, “so, what do you think Fred and everyone is doing today?” he said “oh, they went out last night so guaranteed they’re all hungover and still sleeping.” I then said “aww, isn’t it sad that Teri and Sophia are going back to Taiwan tomorrow?” and he said “yeah, it’d be cool to have seen them before she left.”

    We started to approach the restaurant and I spotted something that would’ve ruined it all. Fred’s car was parked directly across the street from the restaurant. Jason’s a car guy, he would’ve known, and with any white Mazda Speed 6, we immediately look at its license plate to see if it’s Fred, so I knew if he saw that car across the street, he would’ve known something was up. Luckily, we were walking by a water sculpture so I kept asking Jason questions about the water fountain and kept pointing up towards it and told him to look at the kids running around it. Haha, it worked!

    When we got into the restaurant, it was packed near the door. I squeezed by the crowd and found everyone at the table and said “yayyy!” but then everyone had a blank look on their face so I turned around and Jason wasn’t even behind me! Haha, great. When he finally got to the table, he was thoroughly surprised. It was awesome. I’m so happy it all worked out. Thanks to everyone who kept it a secret and who came out! :)

    founding farmers brunch

    A note about Founding Farmers brunch: awesome. Love their Intelligentsia coffee and their farm fresh dishes. I don’t think anyone had a complaint about any of the food they got. Definitely make reservations, though. It’s super busy and packed on the weekends!

    Special thanks to Wade for taking the pictures above!

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  • Emily says:

    Hi! I know I’m super late to the party on this comment (when I find a blog I really like, I start reading all the old posts) but I HAD to… We tried Founding Farms on our DC trip last fall (right before y’all went actually) and LOVE LOVE LOVED it! I’m so glad y’all could get everyone in and I hope that Jason another successful birthday this year!

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