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How To: Coffee Cubes

How To: Coffee Cubes for making iced coffee at home.  This is so easy you will be wondering why you have not tried it before!

Iced coffee lovers: don’t you wish that when you make your own iced coffee at home, it wasn’t so watered down? And don’t you hate that it tastes nothing like how the coffee shops do it? Well, I think I have solved this problem with homemade coffee cubes!

You make them the same way as iced cubes but with your favorite coffee.

brewing coffee

I made 2 12 oz. brews of my favorite coffee with my Keurig, for a total of 24 oz. For me, I was able to fill 3 full ice cube trays with a 24 oz. batch. My ice cube trays might look a little different to you, but I like the ones that are made for water bottles.

coffee tray

This is so simple to make and it takes no time! Soon, you’ll be enjoying a lovely cup of iced coffee for more than half the cost at traditional coffee shops :)