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How to Not Be A Hangry Traveler

Tips and tricks on how not to be a hangry traveler and what smart snacks to pack in your carry-on! Why all snacks are NOT the same and why you need to pack balanced snacks to curb hunger! #travel #travelsnacks #savvytraveler #smarttravel #snacks

Jason and I have travel to countless places and one thing remains true: when you’re hangry, it is not fun for you or your travel partner.

Which is why I’m here today to help you not be a hangry traveler and give you tips on what to pack in your carry-on so you can curb the hunger longer. Chips and cookies are great but they won’t keep you full longer and you’ll just end up hangry.

I’ll break down each snack I pack and why. Let’s get to snacking!

Tips and tricks on how not to be a hangry traveler and what smart snacks to pack in your carry-on! Why all snacks are NOT the same and why you need to pack balanced snacks to curb hunger! #travel #travelsnacks #savvytraveler #smarttravel #snacks

Jerky – beef, turkey, pork, any kind of jerky is great because it’s protein and protein helps keep you full longer and they generally don’t have a ton of fat.

Protein bars – there are some gross ones but there are some pretty decent ones. I really like ThinkThin High Protein Bars and QuestBar.

I typically look for a 1:1 ratio on carbs and protein meaning if the bar has 20g of protein, I’m looking for 20ish grams of carbs too. I hate finding bars that are like 35g of carbs and 10g of protein.

That’s just not a good ratio to help keep you full and it’s not balanced.

Fresh fruit – nothing beats fresh fruit when you’re traveling. It’s mainly all carbs but if you pair it with cheese or nut butter then you’ve got a formula that will keep you satiated longer.

Just be aware if you are bringing fresh fruit to an international country, eat it all before you deplane or throw it away beforehand. You don’t want customs to search you and cause frustration on the start of vacation!

Cheese – I love bringing string cheese with me. It’s an easy way to get some fat and it goes great with fruit.

Nut butters – nut butters now come in convenient travel packs like the one you see above.

It’s great to have them because they’re a great mix of fat and protein but not only that, you can dip the pretzels you get on your flight in the nut butter or you can squirt some on fruit (say, apple slices) or have them with cheese. It’s pretty versatile!

Nuts – great to pair with your cheese or just a way to get some fat in. You could pair it with the jerky and it’d be a pretty well-rounded snack!

Collagen peptides – I like bringing these travel sleeves along because they have a decent amount of protein in them and they dissolve in hot liquids pretty easily so you can pour them in your morning coffee or tea.

It’s a great way to get some protein in at the start of your day or on the plane when you need a pick-me-up. Warm liquids tend to make you less hungry and with the added protein of the collagen; it can help curb hunger!

Dark chocolate – I tend to get 70% or higher cacao in my chocolate. I LOVE dark chocolate and since they all usually come in a bar, it’s easy to break off a piece if you’re needing something to curb your sweet tooth or to pair with nut butter or cheese, etc.

Tips and tricks on how not to be a hangry traveler and what smart snacks to pack in your carry-on! Why all snacks are NOT the same and why you need to pack balanced snacks to curb hunger! #travel #travelsnacks #savvytraveler #smarttravel #snacks

And that’s it! That’s what I usually stash in my carry-on/backpack for trips. It really comes in handy and helps keep me away from all the snacks that aren’t good for you!

When you’re hangry, you end up grabbing anything at the news stand that looks good in that moment. It’s kind of like grocery shopping when you’re hungry, you know? So it always pays off to be prepared!

Your travel buddy will thank you (and me, hehe).


Friday 3rd of August 2018

This article has a lot of great suggestions but even though it does not affect me or my family, I was going to comment on nuts. I hesitate to bring anything on a plane with nuts just in case someone sitting close to me has a nut allergy. Sometimes I forget, but for the most part, I'm very conscious of it.


Friday 3rd of August 2018

Snnnnnnaaaacckks! *chomp* I randomly grabbed a ThinkThin protein bar one day and really liked it. So they are my go to protein bar. I have a work trip coming up and need to grab some snacks. This was timely post :D


Friday 3rd of August 2018

Great! :)


Thursday 2nd of August 2018

I absolutely love your blog, your recipes and your photos, Julie, but this post scares the bejeebers out of me. We travel a lot, both with and without our kids, two of whom are anaphylactic to peanuts. I blame the airlines for allowing it, but I do wish travellers could just exercise a little empathy. Some airlines will have the attendants announce it, and ask those seated in nearby rows to please abstain from anything peanut/nut. But it's not enough, and they announce this when there's a lot of noise, and no one is listening or can hear it. We wash down the seats/areas ourselves. There has been one major incident, and the family with the peanuts felt horrible - I don't think any decent people wish to do harm to another, or be responsible for an in-air medical emergency for someone else. I'm ready for the backlash of "don't travel then!!" - but I won't respond to those because we, as well as everyone else, have the right to be as safe as possible when flying.


Friday 3rd of August 2018

Hi Cyndi! I'm sorry that this post rubbed you the wrong way. In no way was I encouraging people to bring peanuts and or tree nuts to harm those with allergies. It is just advice on what I've brought in the past and I totally understand the food allergy thing; but it's not something I think of on a daily basis when I grab peanuts and whatnot for flights. I will tell you, I was on a flight, sitting NEXT to someone who was highly allergic to peanuts when we were flying to Iceland. The flight attendants, as soon as everyone got settled, told everyone to quiet down as there is an important announcement. They said that there will absolutely be ZERO peanuts served on the flight and for those who have peanut products to put them away because there is someone on the flight who is highly allergic.

I feel that there is a responsibility with everyone to do the right thing and I agree that airlines don't do enough to make it more safe for food allergies. I also don't agree with people who say, "don't travel!" because that's not a solution either. I don't know what else to say except this post wasn't to encourage people to bring peanuts and tree nuts on planes to harm people. I was mostly giving tips on what kind of alternatives there were for "healthier" and more satiable snacks and since nut butters tend to have higher protein and fat content, that is usually what I bring. It's not that I don't exercise empathy; it's just not something I think about day in and day out when I's hard to emphasize and think about every scenario when traveling when it's not something you have to deal with every day and I know that seems harsh and selfish to say but it's also not something I should be blamed for because it's not a daily thing for me. It's hard to think about something when it's not a daily thing and I believe that education is the answer to all this and/or it begins with airlines changing policies. The onus shouldn't be on a passenger if airlines allow it, you know? The onus shouldn't be on someone to not bring something or to be aware/emphasize with something that they honestly probably have not even thought of because they don't deal with it on a day to day basis.