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This post could either go two ways. You’ll love it or hate it. I want to keep this blog strictly food related but I also wanna be able to share what is going to be the happiest day of my life. After all, we’re all friends right? And who doesn’t love wedding talk?

Appropriately enough, my wedding photographer is featuring me on her blog today!! I’m sharing my background in blogging, why I started, photography tips, and blogging tips! Hop on over to check it out :)

I haven’t really given an appropriate “update” since I got engaged last year. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll likely have seen wedding updates via pictures of what has come in, what I’ve been doing, etc. For those interested, here’s the wedding update y’all have been waiting for!

When is the wedding? April 27th. We’re 92 days away! I can’t believe how fast its flown. I didn’t really believe it when everyone said it’s going to fly. It certainly has!

To be quite honest, I haven’t really stressed much with this wedding. Only because I’m SUPER type A and the second we got engaged, I booked all my vendors within that month and haven’t really had to deal with anything until now. I booked my photographer first. I have known I wanted to use her since HIGH SCHOOL. Typically, they tell you that you shouldn’t book anything until you have a venue. Nope, I knew what I wanted and she goes fast so I knew I had to lock her in.

We also booked a videographer. I can’t tell you all how great of an investment that is. If you have the money in your budget for it – don’t think twice, just DO IT. I’m going to love re-living my wedding for as long as we live. I’m so thrilled about this. And yes, I’ll be sharing the video :)

Next was venue. We’re getting married on a plantation mansion out away from the city. I had always envisioned my wedding to be outside, with white picket fences and rolling hills in the background. We found just that with our wedding venue. It’s spectacular and gorgeous, if I do say so myself. I’m probably slightly biased ;) however, what’s funny is, the venue is giving us the most trouble right now. The lady that owns it is just crazy, to say the least, and she’s super inflexible. It’s rather annoying.

Reception: we’re having our ceremony and reception at the same place (the venue above). The reception is inside their “grand conservatory.” I love that it’s ALL glass. Oh, and of course it is open bar :)

Colors: dark purple and grey. I bet you could’ve guessed that, huh? It kinda makes me sad so many weddings have purple and grey themes, though. The second I tell anyone what my color scheme is, their immediate response is, “oh! I went to a wedding…” or “oh! My friend’s wedding was…”  :( sad, whatever. Anyone who knows me knows that purple has been my favorite color for ages.

Flowers: honestly, this was the last thing on my list. I’m not a flower girl so I really didn’t care for them. I just knew I wanted a pretty purple bouquet. This is what my florist is going to try to do for me and my bridesmaids:

Day of coordinator: yes, yes, yes. This is another one of the, “if you have it in your budget” situations. I really don’t want to be worrying about ANYTHING on my big day. I want my DOC to deal with all the crazies and I want my DOC to do it all. And she will. I can already tell from the numerous emails exchanged, that she is going to be stellar.

Caterer: I’m a food blogger so of course this was one of the most important aspects to us. We went to three tastings and we ended up with the caterer we tasted last (I guess we saved the best for last)! The food was exceptional and the service was great, too. We’re doing a buffet because I like giving my guests options and portion choices. If you don’t want a ton of food, you can do that yourself, and if you want more, then go at it!

Cake: this was one of the last things on my list too. I didn’t really care for a cake because it’s just such a waste of money sometimes to spend hundreds of dollars on a cake and only a few bites are taken from it & then tossed. We ended up with a very basic, 3-tiered wedding cake and choosing more of an “Asian style” cake. I prefaced this in my strawberry sponge cake post. It’s going to be a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream on the outside. It will look very similar to this, without the fondant, of course but I will have purple flowers on the top and around the base of the cake.

Rehearsal dinner: we’re having our rehearsal dinner at this restaurant that I fell in love with when my parents first took me. It is absolutely stunning on the inside and out. It’s a very rustic themed restaurant, it’s literally a barn that they used in the 1800’s that they converted into a restaurant.

Save the Dates: I actually ended up designing our save the dates. I found a cute little template online and modified it. I also designed our wedding website since I have background in web development & design. So that was definitely a great cost saver :) The save the dates were postcards so not only did that save us money on postage, it was also a snap to print via Vistaprint.



Invitations: I didn’t want to design my own for these because they’re more formal and I wanted an elegant tone. I got in touch with Melissa (many of you know her as The Faux Martha) of Wooden Spoons Kitchen and she designed a gorgeous invitation for us. We haven’t sent them out yet so I will not be showing them. But here’s a preview of the custom script font she designed for them, and yes, there’s a watermark of “sample” on it. I didn’t want anyone stealing it :)

We’re planning on inviting 125 people, but only expecting about 100 people to attend. Which, I have 6 relatives flying over from TAIWAN to attend our wedding. I’m so incredibly thankful and thrilled that they will be coming. Some of them have never come to the United States before, either! I’m over the moon!

Wedding bands: I have an exact matching band to my engagement ring. I can’t wait to wear it. It’s so pretty! Jason got a fairly thick wedding band (which I LOVE). It’s very bold and says “I’M MARRIED.” It’s black tungsten.

Wedding dress: you didn’t think I was really going to share that part, did you? :) here’s a hint: asymmetrical. My bridesmaids haven’t even seen it. I’m keeping it a huge secret. Only my mom, MIL, SIL, and MOH have seen it. And a few bloggers who visited me last year.

Bridal party: we have five bridesmaids and five groomsman and Jason’s niece (and my soon to be niece!) will be our flower girl. Seriously, y’all, she is the most precious thing, ever. Again, the videographer will be able to capture this and we can blackmail her at her own wedding years from now! haha juuuust kidding. Oh, and if you have BM’s that aren’t pulling weight: it’s YOUR day. It’s your ONE day to be completely and utterly selfish. So, if you feel in your heart, someone needs to be asked to stepped down – DO IT. You’ll only live with regret! Just sayin’ from my own experience with our wedding.

Honeymoon: We’re going to Turks & Caicos!!! Out of all the wedding planning stuff, this has been the biggest hassle. First flight issues and now my renewed passport is lost thanks to the USPS. Blah!

If you follow me on IG, then you’ll have seen my make-up and hair trial already. We’re doing a final one at the end of March. You’ll also have seen which shoes I picked for the wedding and also my rehearsal dinner dress. I still have to figure out what I’m wearing for my bachelorette party in February (I don’t know what we’re doing yet! It’s a surprise) and also my bridal shower in March. My SIL and MIL are both flying up for the bridal shower, too. It’s very sweet of them!

Anyway, very long and detailed post. Hope you enjoyed it :) I’ll be running around like crazy for the next 3 months ;)


Posted on January 25, 2013

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  1. 01/28/2013 at 5:41 am

    How fun!! Your wedding will be wonderful.

  2. 01/28/2013 at 9:52 pm

    Ok, that’s it. I’m coming to visit you so I can see your wedding dress!! :) Love this update. Keep ’em coming!! xoxo

  3. 01/28/2013 at 10:24 pm

    Hooray for weddings!! So excited for you.

  4. I’m so excited for you!! And I love your venue, it’s gorgeous!

  5. 01/29/2013 at 8:46 pm

    Love this!!! Getting so excited for you!!

  6. 09/27/2014 at 5:26 pm

    I knew your venue looked so familiar! My cousin was married there in the same year in August! It was beautiful except it was incredibly hot and the mosquitoes would not quit! You picked a beautiful day to get married!

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