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My Daily Multivitamin Ritual

What my daily multivitamin ritual looks like these days and why I chose to revamp it.

Photography by Anna Grace Photography

I wrote about daily supplements I take several months ago and while that information isn’t wrong, I am much more educated now about multivitamins and how each ingredient works in your body and why you actually don’t need all these supplements that everyone says you do.

I will be updating that post and removing all that information because I don’t use those anymore.

I’ve been trying Ritual for four months (on my own dime, not sponsored, nothing sent to me) and this is my review of Ritual multivitamins.

Introducing Ritual

I found Ritual via my friend, Carlene.

Like everyone, I’m always intrigued with what I can give my body that helps support it.

Ritual multivitamins only has nine ingredients and it is interesting as to why and their claims as to why.

Why are there only nine ingredients?

Ritual says there are only nine ingredients in their multivitamins (thirteen in their prenatal) because these are nine nutrients that your body actually needs and can use.

Traditional multivitamins load their pills with fillers; some have 20+ ingredients you already get enough of from food.

Stuff that you already get with what you eat on a daily basis.

Traditional multivitamins don’t include omega-3s like Ritual does, because oily ingredients like omega-3s are pretty hard and costly to include in a dry multivitamin, and many companies don’t want to spend the money on a more expensive pill. Instead, they pass the cost along to you and require you to buy a separate pill for your omegas. -Ritual

How are their ingredients different?

Besides only including the nutrients your body needs, I love that they tell you exactly where they source their ingredients.

You know where it’s coming from, you know that they’re high quality because this company isn’t about just making money off of you.

If you read about how their company began, it’s clear that they just want to take the confusion out of multivitamins and get you what you truly need.

Additionally, their ingredients are different because they use the exact same molecular forms of nutrients that are found in our body’s cells and in healthy foods.

Case in point: many multivitamins contain folic acid for folate.

Up to 40% of women can’t metabolize folic acid due to gene variations – and most women don’t even know that they have a gene mutation.

However, what I love about Ritual and how so obsessively they research everything is that they use methyltetrahydrofolate.

Your body can utilize that.

I’m skeptical

Yep, I was too.

As consumers, we all have the right to be but Ritual has put together SO MUCH information on their website to help ease your mind.

They even say this:

We’re proud of the nutrients we’ve sourced and the science behind them, which is why we’ve published our ingredients and fully traceable supply chain in plain view on our site. You deserve to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and where it comes from.

Pretty sure 99% of vitamin companies can’t say that.

What my daily multivitamin ritual looks like these days and why I chose to revamp it.

But I swear you need ____ this

You’ll read the ingredient list and scoff.

“I was told I need to take ____” is probably what you’ll think.

I thought the same thing, like for example, calcium.

While they don’t have calcium IN the vitamin, they have the other nutrients that support the development of calcium and they way you absorb it in your daily diet.

All in one

This multivitamin is literally all in one.

I don’t have to take multiple pills throughout the day, I just take two after breakfast (although any time of day is fine – more on that below).

I don’t have to take supplemental vitamin D3 pills.

This is the only multivitamin on the market (that I have found) that has 2,000 IU of vitamin D3.

It’s so hard to find that. I usually have only found about 200-500 IU and would have to take an additional 1,000 IU in other pills.

You can take this any time of day AND on an empty stomach

I LOVE that there is no nausea, fish burps, or anything gross about the Ritual vitamin experience.

Their capsules are a time-delayed release.

It bypasses your stomach so it doesn’t get broken down by your stomach acids so it makes sure your nutrients get deposited where they absorb best — past your stomach!

It’s minty!

Omg, this might be the most brilliant multivitamin experience, ever.

In every multivitamin bottle, they put a mint tab in there so when you open the bottle, the smell of gross vitamins doesn’t hit your nose.

You get a pleasant, minty scent.

In their prenatal, it’s a lemon tab.

Most importantly, how are you feeling? Are you noticing anything?

  1. I have more energy. I think it’s thanks to the B12. In my previous post, I started taking a B-complex and it gave me too much energy and I couldn’t sleep through the night. It was terrible. I have no issues whatsoever with Ritual!
  2. I get compliments on my skin ALL.THE.TIME. I don’t think it’s directly related to Ritual but I know it’s definitely doing something within.
  3. My eyelashes have grown slightly longer. Now you guys know how obsessed I am with my eyelashes and I even started using a lash serum in the past (which I ended up having an adverse reaction to) and I even got eyelash extensions. Well, I stopped all that and even though my eyelashes are blunt and short, they definitely have slightly more length than before.

A lot of benefits with vitamins, you won’t “see” but it’s certainly doing stuff in your body.

You can read more about that here but trust that it is working, especially since these ingredients are 100% what your body needs.

What my daily multivitamin ritual looks like these days and why I chose to revamp it.

Okay, how do I give this a shot because you’re really convincing me!

Use my link, get $5 off your first box (I get a little kickback too, win/win).

If you don’t like it, cancel anytime.

But, I will say…the fact I don’t have to ever remember to buy multivitamins again is amazing.

Like clockwork, it just shows up on my doorstep.

They send you an email before they ship so you can change the date if you have too much (forgot to take them on vacation or something) or if you’re running out and want to rush delivery (because you want a new bottle faster because you’ll be away).

How much is this?

$30 a month.

Which is $1 a day for extremely high-quality ingredients and well-researched information.

To me, that is an AMAZING price and something I expected to be way more expensive because of all the high-quality goodness and research.

What my daily multivitamin ritual looks like these days and why I chose to revamp it.

Loads of information that your nerdy self will love

I could get lost in Ritual’s science and research-backed articles.

Give them a read yourself and see if this is for you.

I’m telling you, this company is legit.

They only have stuff for women?!

Yes, unfortunately they only have a multivitamin for women and a prenatal for women.

I don’t know if they’re doing anything for men in the future.

What my daily multivitamin ritual looks like these days and why I chose to revamp it.


  1. I am not a medical professional of any kind so please do not think that I am saying that you should be taking these. Everyone needs a multivitamin, though, but do your research. Talk to your doctor before starting on any sort of supplement plan.
  2. This brand is specifically for MY needs and are in no way a reflection of what YOU need in your life or body. This is me sharing with you something I have discovered and love.
  3. Do your research; find out what works for you and your budget.
  4. I do not claim to be an expert nor am I claiming these are “the” end all be all and if you don’t take them, you’ll die or you’re going to be malnourished.
  5. This isn’t sponsored or paid for.

Rosa Kee

Monday 4th of March 2019

Thank you sooooo much for all of the research. I am going to give it a try since I have been looking for a good multi-vitamin and this one fits the bill. Based on the ingredients, I will not have to purchase any additional supplements since everything I need is in this one pill. I am not a pill taker, so, I hope the pill is not too big for me to swallow. I will find a way to swallow all of this goodness. Can't wait to receive my first bottle.

Julie Wampler

Wednesday 6th of March 2019

I think you'll love this :)


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

Ok I'm sold. Just signed up. I just ordered some other vitamins but I'm taking waaayy too many and I'm kind of over. Can't wait to try these out!

Julie Wampler

Thursday 28th of February 2019

Can't wait to hear what you think!