Smoothie Series!

Yay it’s finally here! My smoothie series! So many of you have been asking for the recipes to smoothies I make almost daily on my Instagram Stories so I decided a smoothie series was the best way to get right on into it! In the series, I’ll have my top three smoothies that I constantly make over on Instagram. I get a lot of questions on what add-ins I put in my smoothies so I’ll have an entire post tomorrow for…

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Pitaya Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

Pitaya coconut chia seed pudding is the easiest and prettiest overnight breakfast option to prep for the morning!

Have you ever thought about what kids will be reading about in 20 years? Or what we will be reading about? Like how in 2017, the trend was unicorn this and that and the obsession with kale in 2016 and cronuts and quinoa. And the crazy politics of 2017? It’s like we read stuff from ‘back in the day’ and we’re like ‘why were they so crazy?’ — and then we’re going to be that category in 20 years! Like…

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Cherry Pie Overnight Oats

Fresh cherries make the base of this cherry pie overnight oats recipe! This takes no time to put together and you'll end up with a quick on-the-go breakfast the next morning! #TheSoulfullProject #ad

If there is one meal I struggle with; breakfast would be it. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to make breakfast a regular thing (and I know it’s like the most important meal of the day ’cause it kickstarts your metabolism) but I think it’s thinking up quick and easy breakfast that don’t require a stove that gets me stumped. So then I get stuck with cafeteria food at work or I grab some toast from the…

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Tropical Moscow Mule

It's like being on an island in paradise when you've got yourself sipping on this tropical Moscow mule! The fruitier twist on the classic Moscow mule!

If you love Moscow mules, you will love this tropical version. I recently fell in love with Moscow mules (where have I been?!) and it goes down far too easily, haha…I go crazy over them lately and instead of spending loads of money at the bar (I swear I don’t go that often), I wanted to make it at home! But I also wanted to make it slightly different because it’s fun to mix things up a little! This tropical version…

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Office Tour!

Modern office ideas | new construction homes

YOU GUYS. I know; I fell off the face of the planet with house updates immediately after we moved in. But I’m back! With an office tour! I can’t believe it’s been TWO MONTHS since we moved in. It kind of seems like ages ago but not really. I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling. The house initially felt really big but now it feels like a normal sized house for the three of us. I know a lot of…

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