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Paleo Challenge: Day 15

From May 11 – June 10, I’m doing a paleo challenge with Gina. I decided to journal this as something to look back on and also for others to follow along and to use as reference in case they want to take on this challenge in the future. I’ll link to recipes (either mine that I developed on this journey or other people’s) when applicable, but I don’t usually cook from recipes for myself so if you leave a comment asking for the recipe for something, there is none unless otherwise noted. My purpose of doing this isn’t to lose weight. It’s changing up my eating habits to see how it works for my body. I’m not a health professional so I cannot offer you any advice. There are numerous resources out there for paleo. Do your research before committing.

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May 25: Day 15

Notes: to be honest with you all now that we’re home; we were actually out of town all weekend so eating was REALLY challenging. there’s no photos for today because it was pretty much traveling on the road plus food that i was meh about.

Breakfast: this was like the most unsatisfying breakfast ever. we had time to stop at a dunkin’ donuts and yeah, what could i possibly get there?! basically nothing. i ordered a turkey sausage and egg white flatbread but said no cheese and just ate the sausage and egg white. had a large iced coffee, black. wish these big coffee chains had better ‘dairy’ options. starbucks’ coconut milk is basically fake.

Lunch: mixed berry cashew smoothie. we got home around lunchtime and the fact we woke up at 5am, i was too exhausted to make a huge deal about lunch, plus i had to run to the store for groceries since we’re out so smoothie it was. and it was effing amazing with the cashew butter.

Dinner: probably the most satisfying meal today. chocolate chili with roasted garlic brussels sprouts

Snacks: two larabars (apple pie and cherry pie)

Drinks: H2O

Exercise: sat on my butt in a car and drove home from NC

Thoughts: eating on the road is HARD. you realize how horrible the choices are and if you need anything fast, you’re basically going to get shit. the only time i really ate ‘well’ was either at a restaurant where there are numerous healthy choices i can make and at the wedding we were at. blah i’m really annoyed with the lack of healthy choices on the road. i never really noticed the lack thereof but now that i’m more focused on what i eat, i’m completely grossed out and frustrated. i packed snacks and whatnot for the road but meal-wise, i don’t think i was really prepared. it also didn’t help that our hotel room didn’t have a fridge. if we did have a fridge, i would’ve brought tupperwares of prepped food. i know i’m complaining right now but i’m just frustrated with being on the road and basically eating crap even if it was paleo. paleo is only good when you can eat real good food, in my opinion.


Tuesday 26th of May 2015

What about loading a cooler up with Paleo friendly things you can eat cold?


Tuesday 26th of May 2015

good idea!! will have to try next's just so much prep before going on vacation! lol but then i wouldn't have anything to worry about!