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Paleo Challenge: Day 17

From May 11 – June 10, I’m doing a paleo challenge with Gina. I decided to journal this as something to look back on and also for others to follow along and to use as reference in case they want to take on this challenge in the future. I’ll link to recipes (either mine that I developed on this journey or other people’s) when applicable, but I don’t usually cook from recipes for myself so if you leave a comment asking for the recipe for something, there is none unless otherwise noted. My purpose of doing this isn’t to lose weight. It’s changing up my eating habits to see how it works for my body. I’m not a health professional so I cannot offer you any advice. There are numerous resources out there for paleo. Do your research before committing.

Follow along with our Instagram posts #RTTKTFTpaleochallenge for more ideas on what we’re shopping for, eating, and more!


May 27: Day 17

Notes: nothinggggg

Breakfast: two cashew coconut pancakes, cup of black coffee with a splash of cashew milk


Lunch: Power Supply curried turkey and spinach quiche with shaved brussels, carrots, and raisin hash (omg legit delicious) #notsponsored



Dinner: went out to dinner with a friend. ate as much paleo as i could. i got this yellowfin tuna carpaccio and i won’t lie, in the ingredients it said it had soy in it. i also got this perch fish w/greens and salsa verde.

Snacks: apple, clementines, paleo beef jerky


Drinks: H2O and pineapple coconut water (basically obsessed with it)

Exercise: got my 7,000 steps in today! :)

Thoughts: i actually don’t have anything to say today, haha..surprised? ;)


Friday 29th of May 2015

You go girl!!!

Mary Frances

Thursday 28th of May 2015

Wow everything looks so delicious! I love the poster in the beginning-both the type and message!


Wednesday 27th of May 2015

Have you tried the Harmless Harvest coconut water? It is life changing and incredible. I get it from Whole Foods in the fridge section.


Thursday 28th of May 2015

No, I haven't tried it yet but I see it all the time and hear amazing things about it. I must get it next time I'm there :)