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Paleo Challenge: Day 18

From May 11 – June 10, I’m doing a paleo challenge with Gina. I decided to journal this as something to look back on and also for others to follow along and to use as reference in case they want to take on this challenge in the future. I’ll link to recipes (either mine that I developed on this journey or other people’s) when applicable, but I don’t usually cook from recipes for myself so if you leave a comment asking for the recipe for something, there is none unless otherwise noted. My purpose of doing this isn’t to lose weight. It’s changing up my eating habits to see how it works for my body. I’m not a health professional so I cannot offer you any advice. There are numerous resources out there for paleo. Do your research before committing.

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May 28: Day 18

Notes: n/a


Breakfast: two cashew coconut pancakes, two fried eggs, three turkey sausage links, cup of black coffee with a splash of cashew milk (yup, i was starving this morning, haha)


Lunch: Power Supply shepherd’s pie w/garlic roasted broccoli – the crust was made of cauliflower! this wasn’t my favorite of the three i’ve had so far, to be honest. #notsponsored


Dinner: omg totally made this on a whim and i LOVE it. going to blog it soon :) loaded sweet potatoes with shredded zucchini, mushrooms, onion, and spices

Snacks: banana, almond butter, dates

Drinks: H2O

Exercise: 40 minute walk

Thoughts: i’m still shocked i’m going strong with this diet. it’s making me starting to realize that you can do anything that you make a routine. you know how they say it takes X amount of days or weeks to make something a routine or something a habit? well, now i can see why this is a 30-day challenge. on the 18th day (today), i feel like this is a natural lifestyle. i don’t feel like this is work anymore. i also think that Power Supply is helping me with the stress of lunches/leftovers so i’m thankful I found them. but i’m also really happy that i’m adopting this lifestyle so easily. i don’t crave carbs or sweets unless it’s in front of me and i think that’s awesome. if i don’t see it or am around it, i could really care less. that kinda goes to show cravings are just because you’re tempted. so why not get rid of the temptations? like cleaning out your kitchen or not going to a donut shop to get coffee, etc.

Monique @ Ambitious Kitchen

Friday 29th of May 2015

Love this Julie! So glad that it's going well for you and all of your meals look incredible. I would be curious to know if you've noticed any changes in your body? More energy? Better digestion? Etc. Keep up the great work lady!


Friday 29th of May 2015

I actually started writing my recap post already and all the things you mentioned above has happened! I've lost weight, my stomach area is not as bloated/puffy during the day, I have more energy, I sleep WAYYYY better at night, and digestion is very good, haha..thank you friend! xoxo


Thursday 28th of May 2015

Great job! I am actually doing a Whole30 over on my blog right now -- what a coincidence! The first two weeks were toughest for me but now I only have 4 days left. Do you think this challenge will forever change the way you eat?


Friday 29th of May 2015

Yes! It's going to forever change the way I eat. After this, I plan on doing a low-carb, low-sugar lifestyle, for sure. I'm a carb and sugar hater right now after everything I've learned from this ;) haha - that's so neat you're doing a Whole30! I'll have to go read some of your posts :)