Product Review: LUSH Bath Bombs


Lush Bath Bombs will change your mind about baths, it changed mine!

How I never set foot in LUSH before is beyond me. This store probably opened 5-6 years ago in Tysons Corner Mall and I just thought it was a regular soap store like Bath & Body Works. Wrong. LUSH is actually an organic, fresh, handmade cosmetics store. All their products are made with the finest essential oils with no preservatives. When you walk into this store, you’re instantly overwhelmed by all the things to look at and definitely overwhelmed by the smell — in a good way. There are so many lotions, scrubs, soaps, and huge bath balls (which I later found out were called bath bombs).

I was most interested in the bath bombs. I had heard about this product just recently and decided to read about it and it sounds so awesome. As LUSH describes it:  “fizzing, non-foaming baths are made with essential oils chosen particularly to make your day better not just to amuse you with their dissolving abilities..” Fizzing? I didn’t really know what that entailed until I got a demonstration at the store. By the way, the ladies that work that are extremely friendly and will answer any of you questions, along with helping you choose a product that you like. They love giving demonstrations too. I’m sure it’s fun to see people’s reactions. Anyway, the fizzing part is really cool because the entire ball literally dissolves in the water, while coloring & perfuming it and it fizzes as it does it!

I had to give this a try. I’m not a huge bath person. I never got into them. Someone once told me a bath is like bathing in your own filth. That kind of shy’d me away from baths but I should probably take more especially after using a bath bomb. It’s so fragrant and it’s actually really relaxing. I’m now half asleep writing this review lol

sex bomb bath bomb

I picked up the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. It smelled incredible and I liked the name, haha. It’s main scent is jasmine but I really can’t describe to you how amazing this smells. My entire apartment smells awesome right now and so does my skin. Jason can’t get enough of it. You just really have to try this one for yourself. I definitely do see myself going back there for more. I want to try other ones but I have a feeling sex bomb will be at the top of my list :)

bath bomb fizzingIsn’t the fizzing cool? The water color is SO pretty too. I was literally swimming in a pink pool :) the flower that was on top of the bath bomb comes off as the bomb dissolves and they become soft, silky petals floating around your tub, so pretty and a typical movie-like bath scene in your own home!

If you have a LUSH near you, definitely go into this store and try their products. They have a lot of test stations and plenty of great helpers there. Pick up a bath bomb too. It’ll change your mind about baths — it changed mine!


Posted on July 22, 2011

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  1. 07/20/2014 at 4:19 pm

    I love your picture of all the bath bombs. I’m a huge fan of lush but the store where i usually shop display them differently. I never knew the range was so big. Great review.

  2. Paula McKenny
    02/24/2016 at 7:04 pm

    Just like to comment on the staff at Lush Pacific Fair, Gold Coast. Those girls, especially the Fillipino girl are absolute first class employees. So patient, professional and kind. Certainly be going back!

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