pumpkin carving party

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    Pumpkin Carving Party a great way to spend time with friends and have some Halloween fun.

    This past weekend, Jason and I went over to one of my coworker’s house to do some pumpkin carving! She had it so perfectly planned out. She cleared out her living room and put down orange and black plastic tabletop covers on her carpet for the “carving area”, we had the Sunday NFL football games on in the background and she had an entire table full of goodies in the dining room area. She also had so many pumpkin carving stencils and tools to choose from so everyone’s looked different. The pumpkins turned out really well. We lit them all at the end and they were fantastic! :)

    pumpkin carving party

    Haha, the crazy looking one on the bottom of the stairs was for the baby — it was a Mr. Potato Head where you drilled his parts into the pumpkin.

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