rattlesnake rubbed pork & onion burger w/fried egg


Rattlesnake Rubbed Pork & Onion Burger w/Fried Egg a healthier alternative to the drive-thru!

Did the title throw you off? The rattlesnake part is actually the name of a spice rub that we got from Jason’s dad, who works at Elite Spice. Pretty interesting name but it’s got good flavor. It has a little bit of everything in there from cumin to paprika to peppers. I don’t really know where the rattlesnake part came from, but I was happy as long as the burger turned out well.

This is a fairly easy weekday meal to make. I hadn’t thought about dinner until we were driving home and the members of my carpool were talking about fast food (ie mcdonald’s and chipotle) and I started to get a huge craving for a fatty burger. While I would’ve loved a number 4 from McDonald’s (double cheeseburger meal), I opted to make something more body-friendly. I knew I had some ground pork in the freezer, onions in the fridge, leftover wheat hamburger buns, and Alexia waffle fries. Why not throw a burger dinner together? I did just that! Along with the spice rub and onion in the pork patty, the burger turned out great and so did the fries ;) I took a shortcut on the fries, but hey, no one ever said a shortcut isn’t a bad road to take when you’re looking to throw together a quick meal! The fried egg on top was only for Jason’s. The boy needs some more protein & a bigger meal than I do!

rattlesnake rubbed burger w/toppings

rattlesnake rubbed burger recipe


Posted on September 09, 2011

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