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Skincare Update – April 2019

As mentioned in this comprehensive skincare post, I was currently trying:

I do a lot of reading on skincare because it’s something I’m truly passionate about and it’s so fascinating all the different technologies and science behind skincare these days.

I recently discovered Dr. Sam Bunting, thanks to Gina. She’s like the most sought after and popular cosmetic dermatologist in London. She treats skin from the inside out and uses products that don’t have a lot of frills but just get to the point. She has a product line right now but only sells it in her clinic (or online) so a little hard to get a hold of.

Additionally, I also discovered Kiki, who is an esthetician up in the Hudson River Valley (Gina actually goes to her spa) who is hyper-focused on ingredient list and gentle skincare. I love her daily skincare tips and aisle raids. She goes to drugstores and picks up products and goes through the ingredient list and tells you which are actually great products and which aren’t. It’s incredibly fascinating and not all drugstore products suck. It’s all about the ingredients!

If you comb through Kiki’s feed and watch Dr. Sam’s YouTube videos, you will learn an incredible amount and I’ve kind of revamped the way I put on products thanks to Dr. Bunting and I have noticed a difference. Not drastic but there’s definitely a difference.

I walk by a mirror and I’m like, “wow, is that my skin?” It’s just more dewy and bright.

I learned from Dr. Sam how to effectively wash my face. Believe it or not, you’re supposed to wash it for one full minute to really get it clean and massage your face firmly.

I also learned from Dr. Sam the 13-dot technique to putting on skincare. This is what changed my skin recently, I feel. You should give it a watch; it makes so much sense!

As promised, I mentioned I’d give a review on the products I have been using for about 6+ weeks.

First up, The Ordinary’s “Buffet.”

I love this. It’s a light serum that has awesome ingredients in it.

These active ingredients combined help reduce the look of lines, wrinkles, surface irregularities. They also help improve skin elasticity and firmness. I have heard that The Ordinary has matrixyl on its own but you might as well just get The Buffet because it has matrixyl plus all the other peptides that support healthy skin so it’s like all-in-one.

  • Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe’6 Peptide Complexes
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Syn-Ake Peptide Complex
  • Relistase Peptide Complex

I picked up The Ordinary’s retinoid 2% emulsion because I hated the A-Passioni from Drunk Elephant and I needed to find another retinol to incorporate into my routine.

This retinoid has given me zero reaction and I didn’t have to slowly ease into it. I alternate it on nights I’m using a vitamin C serum.

The light version of Weleda’s original Skin Food!

I had to use it for a while to give a full review.

At first I didn’t love it because it was so light.

However, now that the weather is warming up and there’s humidity, I love the light version.

It’s definitely less heavy and less greasy and just much better to use in the warmer weather.

So I’ve put the original Skin Food on the back of the shelf to pull out for fall/winter.

I still mix this with the Phoenix facial oil and I also mix with vitamin C.

What I recently bought and am testing out

I can’t give a full review of these yet since I just bought them but thought I’d let you know what’s coming up: