Staple Smoothie Ingredients and Add-Ins

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    My staple smoothie ingredients and add-ins that are essential for every smoothie I make!

    Okay so this post might be a no-brainer to you but my favorite part of smoothies are the add-ins! There are literally so many things you can add to your daily smoothie and I’ve only scratched the surface with what I put in mine.

    My smoothies all have unsweetened almond milk, kefir (or greek yogurt if you prefer), and bananas. I know some people don’t like bananas in their smoothies but I always add them to my smoothies.

    Now let’s get to the add-ins…

    My staple smoothie ingredients and add-ins that are essential for every smoothie I make!

    This is all what I typically add to my smoothies. I know, a lot but you only use a little each time so when you buy a big jar of bee pollen or maca powder — it lasts months and months!

    I add a bunch of these add-ins because of their health benefits. A lot of them are great antioxidants and have immune-boosting properties. I do add spinach or some sort of greens to my smoothies because it’s a great way to hide them (for kids) and it’s a great way to get your fiber and vitamins in.

    • Acai packets — you can buy these at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Acai is rich in antioxidants and energy-boosting properties.
    • Pitaya packets — I switch between acai and pitaya packs. I don’t put both in smoothies. Just like acai, they’re rich in antioxidants. Additionally, they’re packed with vitamin C, iron, fiber, B vitamins and calcium.
    • Spinach or kale — my favorite way to get my veggies in. You can really use any greens here (well, I wouldn’t throw like arugula or anything). Mild greens is what I should say. Spinach and kale are popular ones because you can’t taste them in smoothies at all. TRUST ME. All the other flavors of the smoothie completely masks the greens. Great way to get kids to eat those pesky greens ;)
    • Hemp hearts — these little guys are surprising. They have 10 grams of plant-based protein and omegas in every serving. They don’t taste like anything because well, they pretty much get pulverized in the smoothie, and they’re pretty to top your smoothies with if you love some texture.
    • Dates — nature’s natural sweetener. I love adding a couple (pitted) dates in my smoothies to give it an extra sweet kick without the processed sugar!
    • Frozen fruit — this actually should probably be filed under ‘essential’ because I put them in all of my smoothies. I love thick smoothies so I tend to add a ton of frozen fruit. The frozen fruit you use depends on the flavor smoothie you’re making. Typically I just add the tropical medley which has mango, peaches, strawberries, and pineapple.
    • Bee pollen — there are so many health benefits many to having bee pollen. It’s incredible.
    • Maca powder — besides its butterscotch flavor and scent, maca powder helps with energy levels and its high in calcium.
    • Nut butter — nut butters make smoothies so rich and delicious and gives it extra protein to help you stay satiated longer. This is definitely a must! Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, mixed nut butter, sunbutter…seriously, any nut butter!

    That’s it for my smoothies! What else do you add in to yours that I may not have mentioned? Let me know below and be sure to come back tomorrow and throughout the week for my favorite smoothie recipes that I can’t wait to share with you!

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  • Jenny Flake says:

    This looks fantastic Julie!!

  • What a great starting point for breakfast smoothies!

  • JulieD says:

    I love to keep frozen straweberries and mango in the freezer for smoothie and LOVE to add chia seed to my smoothies!! Great tips!!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks, Julie!! <3

  • Michelle says:

    I think that the main reason I have never embraced smoothies is the bananas. I’m allergic to tgem, so they are a no go for me. I’d love to see recipes that don’t have them.

    • Julie says:

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Maria says:

    We love smoothies in our house! So many possibilities!

  • Nicole says:

    I very much enjoyed this post! I make smoothies every morning for my husband, but they are mostly fruit based, so I would love to see any other recipes you have that don’t rely on fruit, but incorporate more of the nut butters. I have nut butters at home, but have no idea what to mix with them! Thanks in advance, I love the idea of this series!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks! I’ll definitely try to help you with the non-fruit ones but typically that’s all I make too! I do have a healthy green one that doesn’t have much fruit in it coming later this week! It’s predominantly kale!

  • Halle says:

    sounds amazing! Here in Hawaii people love pitaya!! have you tried making a pitaya bowl? They’re amazing! Would love to see a recipe here :)

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