Sweet and Tangy Balls

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    Three ingredient Sweet and Tangy Balls one of my all time favorite appetizers!

    Don’t you love making dishes that brings back childhood memories? The below dish reminds me of my mom a lot because she would make this a lot for parties (since it makes so many and it’s a good finger food) and for a quick dinner on weeknights. My brother and I loved it and would scarf it up. Little did I know, it was the easiest dish possible. It’s only 3 ingredients and you set it and forget it! You do whatever you want in those 6 hours while this cooks in the crockpot. 6 hours later, you have a wonderful tasting meatball dish. We usually ate this with white rice but I’m sure you can have this as a sub or something. Personally, I think white rice works perfectly. This is great to bring to parties for a finger food/small bite with toothpicks. It’s so hard not to pick at this while it’s cooking.

    sweet and tangy balls

    Mmm these are so good!! I love the sweet taste that it has and also the tangy kick from the chili sauce. It also had a little spicy kick to it. If you want it a little more on the spicy side, you can always add some chili powder in the liquid mix.

    Grab the recipe here in my revamped post with new photos!

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  • Keri Hamby says:

    Which “chill sauce” do you use! Sounds delish!!

    • Julie says:

      Any kind. Mine was Heinz.

  • annie paylaguian says:

    we don’t have here ready meat balls or turkey ball,do u pt onions in meat balls?or just salt an pepper?

    • Julie says:

      I’ve put onions in my meatballs before, so you could definitely do that :)

  • Hannah says:

    This looks awesome but we don’t seem to get grape jelly in the UK, what could I use instead?x

    • Julie says:

      You could really use any sweetened jelly. What kind of jellies do you get there? I could probably give you suggestions based on what you get over there. Thanks!

      • Hannah says:

        Thnks for your reply! We have raspberry, strawberry, apricot, blackcurrant jam (jelly) mainly, would any of those be ok?x

        • Julie says:

          Blackcurrent would be the best option! Enjoy! :)

          • Hannah says:

            Thanks Julie! :)

  • connie says:

    if you doubled the number of meatballs — do you have to double the sauce? there always seems to be left over sauce, but then i don’t want them to dry out – cuz they all don’t disappear at once – they do all eventually disappear — gotta keep them covered and yummy!

    • Julie says:

      Yes, I would double the sauce.

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