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Memorial Day

Blackberry Yogurt Popsicles

Am I dating myself by saying that whenever I hear ‘blackberry,’ I’m wondering if someone is talking about the mobile device or if they’re talking about the fruit? We actually still use Blackberries at work and I’m actually surprised they’re still in business. They were cool in like 2009 with the keyboard and the BBM …

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Video: Strawberry Mint Salsa

Happy happy Monday! Typically, our weekends are a little anti-climatic. We’re usually running around doing errands and/or hanging out with friends but this weekend we didn’t have any plans and it was surprisingly really nice. Since we didn’t have any plans and the weather was nice (meaning, the humidity was bearable and low), we decided …

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Charred Poblano and Peppered Bacon Guacamole

Loaded spicy guacamole + a refreshing sweet wine is pretty much the only way to have guacamole these days. I’m positive of this. I did a taste test for you already. Everything in this charred poblano and peppered bacon guacamole is pretty much perfection. All in one bite, you get spicy, salty, and creamy. I …

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Strawberry Rosé Mint Limeade

STRAWBERRY ROSÉ MINT LIMEADE. All caps were 100% needed for this. There is nothing more fresh than using in-season strawberries to make this strawberry rosé mint limeade. It’s got the sweetness from the strawberries, the bubbly and booze from the rosé, the refreshing mint, and of course the tanginess from the lime. Basically the best combination …

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