One Pot Taco Spaghetti

Why You'll Love Taco Spaghetti

What happens if taco and spaghetti have a baby? Taco Spaghetti is born! This is a delicious and hearty mashup that yields so much flavor. The best part? It's made all in one pot so there's less cleanup!

Brown the Meat

In a large skillet, break apart and brown the ground beef.

Add Seasonings

Add the onion, garlic, and taco seasoning to the ground beef and stir. 

Add Tomatoes

Add the tomatoes on top, and then add water or beef stock. Stir to combine.

Break the Pasta

Break the pasta in half and add it to the skillet, making sure to submerge it in the liquid.

Cover and Cook

Bring the mixture to a boil and then gently simmer. Cover and let the pasta cook through.

Garnish and Serve

Top with shredded cheese and fresh parsley, and dig in!

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