Teriyaki Broccoli Tofu Bowls


What is Teriyaki?

Japanese teriyaki sauce combines soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sugar as a glaze for grilled or broiled meats. This umami-rich sauce is what gives these teriyaki tofu bowls tons of flavor!

Simple Ingredients

These teriyaki tofu bowls beef up the flavor with honey and garlic. Find the full ingredients list linked below.

Prepare the Tofu

Cut the tofu up into cubes and toss it with cornstarch.

Blanche the Broccoli

Next, blanche the broccoli in boiling water before placing it in an ice bath.

Cook the Tofu

Cook the tofu in a skillet with oil until it's browned on all sides.

Make the Sauce

Whisk together the teriyaki sauce ingredients.


Finally, add the teriyaki sauce, then toss the tofu and broccoli to coat.

Serve and Enjoy!

To assemble, spoon the teriyaki broccoli and tofu over a bowl of brown rice.

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