weekend wrap-up


Weekend wrap-up: A great time at ICE! at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! How is it Sunday already?? Weekends go by way too fast, don’t they? Did you do anything fun this weekend with family & friends?

I’m trying to start this new series called ‘weekend wrap-up’ on Sundays where it is a non-food post and basically summarizes what Jason & I did on the weekend. I think it’s a nice little break from the regular food posts and gives you all a look into my life and see what I’ve been up to! I love connecting with my followers this way :)

Last night, we went to ICE! at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort. This is an attraction they have annually around holiday time where everything is made out of — you guessed it — ICE! It’s so cool (literally) and this year’s theme was Dreamworks’ Merry Madagascar! It’s so cold in there (9 degrees to be exact) that they provide you with huge winter jackets to wear on top of your jackets. Everyone’s face and hands were numb by the end of the exhibit, I’m surprised I even took as many pictures as I did. I forgot to bring gloves so I was pretty cold!

Enjoy looking through the pictures :)

national harborThis was the Christmas tree at the National Harbor

merry madagascarThe ice sculptures begin!

ice santa

merry madagascar

slideThey had an area where there were ice slides that you could slide down. Pretty neat!

merry madagascarThese were the sweet looking jackets we got..don’t they look great? ;)

merry madagascar

being sillyHaha, being silly

me, amanda, & christinMe & the ladies :)

everyoneAll of us paid to freeze our butts off haha

merry christmas!

And that was it! It was really cold but a lot of fun. We enjoyed spending time with our friends and I think everyone enjoyed this experience. If you’re ever around the DC area during the holidays, I’d suggest checking this out. However, I do offer one other suggestion: if you can avoid eating dinner at the restaurants at National Harbor, I would. It’s very highly overpriced because of location (tourist traps) and it’s not spectacular food. If you have the means to get to Old Town Alexandria, I’d go there for dinner prior to ICE! That’s just my two cents :)


Posted on December 04, 2011

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