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Why I Add Collagen to my Morning Coffee Routine

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This is a post in partnership with Vital Proteins.

Videography: The Herrintons

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen my daily coffee story. The one where I pour two shots of espresso into a cup of whole milk or almond milk. The entire process, albeit the simplest thing, is very mesmerizing. The swirl of the espresso in the whole milk is like you’re watching some kind of magic or lava lamp. I have so many followers messaging me daily what the recipe is and/or what I’m making. If I miss a day (if I’m on vacation or something), then oh my goodness, the most loyal followers message me and ask me where the coffee story is. I absolutely love it, you guys!

Who knew that my crazy idea of filming myself make an iced latte would turn into a routine that everyone wants to be a part of?

Why I add collagen powder to my daily coffee routine and the benefits I have seen from using it daily! #vitalproteins #collagenpowder #ad

Quite simply, this iced latte recipe is literally two shots of espresso (made in our Breville Barista Express — yes, it’s expensive but it has paid for itself more than 100 times over. Think: a coffee shop latte is at least $5 and not to mention tacking on an additional $1 if you want almond milk or any other add-ins), whole milk, and more recently, two scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

Over 7 months ago, I started to incorporate collagen peptides into my daily latte because I had heard great things about collagen and how it’s great for your joints. I have rheumatoid arthritis so anything that can help my joints, I’m always up for trying. Additionally, because the collagen peptides easily dissolve in my espresso and are odorless and tasteless, it was easy enough to get a supplemental boost for my joints. That was really the only reason I was taking them. I didn’t start taking them because I wanted longer hair, nails, or more supple skin. It was solely just to help my joints in any way possible because…aging.

Why I add collagen powder to my daily coffee routine and the benefits I have seen from using it daily! #vitalproteins #collagenpowder #ad

I honestly thought nothing of adding collagen into my daily coffee routine. It was one of those supplements that you take everyday but aren’t sure of the results. It can’t be bad for you but I never thought about the ROI of it, you know? That is until a couple weeks later I started to notice that my eyelashes were oddly longer than they ever were before — and if you know anything about me, my eyelashes are short and stubby and I have gotten eyelash extensions before because they’re never long and curled. I was trimming my nails more and my hair was growing at an incredible pace. I had nothing else to attribute it to except that I started taking collagen with my morning coffee.

Now, I will put it out there that obviously results will vary and I’m not saying collagen peptides are the end all be all of supplements and everyone will get results like me. Additionally, if I can see physical changes, then I’m sure it’s helping me on the inside too. Obviously I won’t know about bones and joints but we’ll see when I’m older, right? And I’m definitely not having as many aches and pains with my joints. I have had people make remarks about my skin and how supple and smooth it looks (YAY!).

I especially loved that this powder was tasteless and odorless. I’m a coffee snob and if there was any hint of flavor I would have immediately stopped using it. Thankfully, it’s 100% tasteless and espresso still tastes like espresso!

Anyway! Since everyone (I seriously get at least two messages a day on Instagram) always asks what my “recipe” is for my iced latte, I decided to write it down below so there’s no more wondering!

**Updated 5/1/2018: I have since switched over to use Amandean Collagen Peptides. It’s basically the same thing just far cheaper and I think it dissolves better. In the effort of being transparent with you all, I felt I needed to share this. I’m on my second bucket of it. While I do love Vital Proteins, I don’t think it’s very economical for someone who is just starting out with collagen. $40+ a bucket is pricey. Amandean is definitely more reasonable and dare I say that it dissolves *slightly* better?!

Why I add collagen powder to my daily coffee routine and the benefits I have seen from using it daily! #vitalproteins #collagenpowder #ad

My Daily Iced Latte

How I make my daily morning iced lattes that everyone is so mesmerized by!
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 1
Author: Julie Chiou
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  • 2 shots of espresso
  • ¾ cup whole milk or almond milk, or whatever milk you drink
  • 2 scoops of collagen peptides
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  • In a 16 oz. tumbler or similar, add ice to top.
  • Fill 3/4 of the way with milk.
  • Pull your two shots of espresso.
  • Add two scoops of collagen peptides powder to your espresso then stir to dissolve.
  • Pour espresso mixture over the milk and stir to combine with milk.
  • Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

If you are wondering what espresso machine I have, we have the Breville Barista Express


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Monday 30th of November 2020

Good morning! Just wanted to share with you ladies that I buy my collagen powder at “Bulk Barn” store. I add it along with my protein powder in my morning coffee. It adds a foamy taste to it. I do mix both powder in lukewarm water prior to pouring the coffee. I noticed that I have less pain in my hands joints. I do have arthritis and MS. Hope the collagen helps you ladies. Sincerely, Annie

Patty Crosson

Tuesday 7th of July 2020

Hi, I just discovered you by googling collagen coffee. I saw you make ice coffee, then I read it’s better to put collagen in cold beverages rather then hot. Is that true? I’m new to collagen peptides, I purchased Ancient Nutrition brand in vanilla flavor & I also purchased Bone Broth Protein in vanilla flavor. I’m in my 70’s & have soreness in my joints lately & i exercised my entire life, so i’m hoping the collagen helps & it’s not hype. I saw your recipe recommends 2 scoops of collagen, I only put one scoop, 2 scoops seems like a lot. Dr Josh Axe uses one scoop of Bone Broth Protein & one scoop of Multi collagen protein in his smoothie. Can you tell me where you bought your tumbler from? I don’t have an espresso machine but I can make iced coffee. Thank you, Patty Crosson

Julie Wampler

Saturday 11th of July 2020

i bought my tumbler on amazon and i don't know the truth to the hot vs. cold beverages theory

John McCormick

Friday 27th of March 2020

This is my daily morning routine every time I drink my coffee. Love this blog!

Jeanette Fiumenero

Saturday 15th of February 2020

How much is one scoop? You say you add two scoops of the collagen.

Julie Wampler

Tuesday 18th of February 2020

there's a scoop included in the jar so it's two scoops of that


Thursday 6th of February 2020

Thanks for sharing! For anyone worried about costs but want to try, get unflavored gelatin powder. I bought a store brand for 88 cents a 4-pouch box and I've seen some great benefits as well. It's practically the same thing(give or take) and cost pennies to try. I only add 1/2-1TBS to my coffee daily and I've seen some great results as well. I've always had dry lips and now they're smooth as silk. My skin is looking and feeling great too!