Orange Chicken Recipe

What Is Orange Chicken?

Orange chicken is made with crispy fried chicken that has been tossed in a thick, syrupy, sweet and tangy orange sauce. This classic takeout dish is so easy to make at home!

Simple Ingredients

You'll only need a few ingredients to make this easy recipe. Let's round them up and get started!

Prep the Chicken

Cut the chicken into cubes and organize the batter stations (i.e. the flour mixture and the egg mixture).

Coat the Chicken

Heat the oil, and then start dipping the chicken pieces into the egg mixture, using a slotted spoon to remove them and place them on a paper towel.

Bread the Chicken

Next, place the egg-coated chicken into the flour mixture and coat each piece thoroughly.

Fry the Chicken

Place the breaded chicken in the skillet and cook the first side for about 5 minutes, then flip it to the other side.

Make the Sauce

Combine about 2 tablespoons of orange juice and the cornstarch, and whisk them together. Set aside for later use. Then, combine the sauce ingredients in another bowl.

Cook the Sauce

Remove the chicken from the skillet when it's finished cooking, and pour the sauce in. Stir in the cornstarch mixture, and cook for 5-10 minutes. Stir often!

Add the Chicken

When the sauce is fully cooked, add the chicken back in and stir to coat everything.


Garnish your orange chicken with green onions and toasted sesame seeds, and serve hot!

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