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Dinner For Two by Julie Wampler

Dinner for Two Cookbook

Dinner for Two is my first cookbook that published in 2015. My thought-process for this cookbook is very similar to how the recipes you’re familiar with on my blog, except that these are specifically for two! I wanted to create meals that were quick and easy but also flavorful. I wanted these recipes to wow and to be something that you could make over and over again. I work full-time so a big part of my goal with this book was to make the recipes easy enough that you can make them along with busy schedules.

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What’s included

There are 70 brand new recipes in this book. There are a handful of good ole blog favorites revamped for two but 90% of the book is brand new recipes that you’ve never seen before and for servings of two! There are 50 dinner entrees and 20 breakfast for dinner entrees. You will absolutely love cooking out of this – I just know it! This book is perfect for newlyweds, empty-nesters, college students, couples, families with young kids, and more! Sure, this book is written for two but all the recipes can be easily doubled or tripled to suit your needs!

There’s a bunch of variety in the book: slow cooker, one-pot, salads, soups, skillet dinners, pizza, pastas, international, and breakfast for dinner! There is really something for everyone :)

As you peruse the cookbook section on Amazon or any other bookstore you’re probably wondering what makes DINNER FOR TWO different than all the other ‘for two’ cookbooks out there? Well, number one thing I can tell you is that my recipes are quick and easy for couples with busy lives. Meaning, I designed my recipes with YOU and your significant other in mind. Every recipe went through the, “could I make this after work?” thought process. Many of these recipes are not time intensive and many of these recipes require less than an hour of total prep and cook time! :) can I get a HECK YES?!

What Readers Are Saying…

“I bought this as a gift for my fiancé who has recently gotten into cooking and trying new recipes. He absolutely loves it! The recipes are easy to follow and easily obtainable. We have been frustrated with other books being too complicated and extremely hard to match the end product, but this one is fantastic! A great gift for couples!”

“These recipes are easy and delicious. Every one I’ve made so far, I’ve really liked and will make again. Usually when I get a cookbook (and I buy a lot of them) I make one or two recipes and it goes on the shelf. Dinner for Two will used all the time.”

“I got a ton of cookbooks for my wedding and this one is by far my favorite!!! Perfect for newlyweds who don’t want two days of leftovers. I just made the broccoli cheese soup and it was TO DIE FOR. It was so easy to make and follow along with the recipe. My favorite part is the large, gorgeous pics for every single recipe. None of the other books I received have photos for every dish. What a treat. I also love that none of these recipes require 80 ingredients. They’re doable, but taste really heard to make. Can’t wait to cook more. HIGHLY recommend.”

“This cookbook is the perfect companion for a newly married couple, empty nesters, recent college grad, the list goes on! I can’t believe how easy the recipes are, and how decadent the food is! Great resource for dinner, every night.”

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