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Hi there! My name is Julie and I’m the writer/photographer/recipe developer behind Table for Two, a Washington, D.C.-based food and travel blog! Thanks for stopping by! Pull up a seat to the table and stay as long as you’d like :) At Table for Two, you’ll find my collection of recipes that I hope will inspire you to get in the kitchen and make a hearty and delicious meal, with a side of dessert.

So, let’s be honest: I love food, and you probably do too if you’re here, right? Good!

My passion for food dates all the way back to childhood where instead of watching cartoons, my mom had on Julia Child or Yan Can Cook on PBS for me to watch. I was always constantly in the kitchen trying to help out and shadow my mom. She is a huge part of why I love food and everything about creating recipes. I believe that food brings people together and helps create long-lasting memories. There’s a reason why we all gather in the kitchen, go out to eat together, cook together — food is the common denominator!

bloggingI started this blog in 2011 because I needed a creative outlet from my full-time job. I’ve always been a really creative person (my background is in web development and design) and my full-time job wasn’t giving me any of that. I was becoming frustrated and creative folks like me need an outlet to flourish; so I used my web development and design skills to carve out this little space on the Internet. I honestly didn’t expect anything to come of this. It was mainly a personal food journal but the more I started filling it up with recipes and personal stories, the more visitors I started to have, and the rest is pretty much history. I absolutely love what I do and I’m so thankful that there are readers (you!) out there that care and encourage me to keep doing what I love.

in-the-kitchenMy cooking philosophy is simple, healthy, quick, and delicious. I make all our meals with that in mind. You’ll see that throughout the blog —  a lot of my dishes come together with ease. No crazy ingredients that you’ll have to run to the store for, no long drawn out processes. Just quick and easy.

family-shootNext to food, my second passion in life is traveling. My husband, Jason and I love to travel together and we love to get immersed in each unique place’s culture and food scene. We believe that in order to fully understand the culture of some place, you have to eat your way through it and find out the stories behind it. You can check out our travels in the travel section of the blog.

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