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Appetizers + Snacks

Appetizers + Snacks are a great way to start off a large get-together or party! I love being able to various small appetizers + snacks on the table so people can fill their plates up with a variety of starters!

To name a few favorites of ours: fried pickles, sweet and tangy meatballs, oven-baked chicken fingers, and caramelized onion, mushroom, apple, and gruyere bites.

The best appetizers + snacks are ones that are easy and full of flavor! There’s so many to choose from below but don’t forget about dips, either! These are all sure to please a crowd and if you want more options, you can browse all our recipes in our recipe index!

Stuffed Cheesy Chicken Apple and Sage Meatballs

I swear stuffing cheese into ANYTHING immediately makes said thing exponentially better. Which is precisely why I decided to stuff brie into these chicken apple and sage meatballs. It’s like a surprise after you bite into it. You think you’re just having a regular meatball but then all of a sudden, this cheesy liquid gold …

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Video: Strawberry Mint Salsa

Happy happy Monday! Typically, our weekends are a little anti-climatic. We’re usually running around doing errands and/or hanging out with friends but this weekend we didn’t have any plans and it was surprisingly really nice. Since we didn’t have any plans and the weather was nice (meaning, the humidity was bearable and low), we decided …

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