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Pistachio Mint Pesto

This pistachio mint pesto has so much robust flavor and is a great topping for all grilled meats, pasta, and any sort of dipping or cheese and meat platter! #pistachio #mint #pesto #grilling #pestorecipes #recipes #foodprocessor

Since I have a feeling most of you who will be having friends and family over on Memorial Day weekend will be using the outdoor grill to some extent, I thought I’d share this amazing pistachio mint pesto that I made. It literally can go on everything and we slathered it over a giant piece of steak and it was so flavorful.

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Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels

These honey mustard and onion pretzels taste EXACTLY like the ones you know and love. Recipe on

I can’t believe Memorial Day is next Monday (?!?!). Since many of us tend to have friends and family over for Memorial Day celebrations, I thought these honey mustard and onion pretzels would be the perfect snack recipe to share today along with the video above!

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Eggplant Parmesan

Our all-time FAVORITE way to make eggplant parm! You will want to make it this way forever! #eggplantparm #eggplantparmesan #eggplantrecipe #vegetarian #recipe #italian

This is my favorite way to make eggplant parmesan. The extra prep step may not seem worth it to you, but trust me – it absolutely is and makes a huge difference. You can read the comments below and see that those who took the extra step did not regret it! Hi again! Just popping in here to share a new video I shot for this eggplant parmesan! I know, two posts in two days. Who am I? I feel this…

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Quick Basic Chopped Salad

A quick basic chopped salad that is a starting base for whatever salad creations you may think of! #salad #choppedsalad #quicksalad #easysalad #saladrecipe

Hi hi! I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. This illustration is for all you mothers out there no matter your walk of life in this season. I wanted to pop in here because I wanted to share with you this salad I made for lunch on Saturday when we had my parents over for an early Mother’s Day celebration! Also, as a follow-up to this post, I’ll be popping in and out every now and then. I’m definitely…

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The State of Blogging: It’s No Longer Fun

This is kind of a hard post to write but I have a feeling I’m not the only one feeling this sentiment. This isn’t a post that’s ‘woe is me.’ This is basically how I view blogging these days. It’s quite simply: The State of Blogging. I’m sure a lot of seasoned and long-time bloggers can agree with me. Food blogging, and blogging in general, is not like what it was 10 years ago. Everything has shifted towards fighting algorithms,…

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