Table for Two Premium (TFT+)

Table for Two Premium (TFT+) is a FREE way for you to access exclusive content and features saved only for TFT+ members. Furthermore, it is a way to support me, the creator, at the same time without a cent from your pocket. Keep reading below for more information on how this works!

TFT+ is free?

Yes, really. 100% free. Not a free trial, not for 30 days, no hidden fees. This service is forever free for you to use.

Okay, but what’s the catch?

There’s not really a catch. It’s more of a mutual effort to support one another. TFT provides free recipes and content and you just sign up to use Grow.

What is Grow and why are you working premium content into TFT now?

Sigh. I’m sure you’ve heard of Google, yeah? And how content creators basically “do as they say?” Okay, so bear with me as I try to explain this as best as I can without losing you.

The TLDR; version is that Grow is going to help TFT continue to have a viable business after 2023 and beyond due to a major technology shift in the advertising industry.

Table for Two started in 2010 as just a website for me to put recipes online for my friends and family (instead of writing a zillion notecards over and over again). Over the years, thanks to your support, it has evolved into something much more than just an “online recipe website.” It has become a place where we connect and you have gotten the chance to know me as a person and stories behind my recipes.

It has become a full time job (aside from my other full time job) and if you didn’t know, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to keep this website afloat — which is why I implemented ads. Ads were the alternative to charging a subscription fee to access content on my site. Ads help support this website and me without asking anything monetary from you.

In 2023, Google is going to kill third party cookies. It’s good and bad, right? We love our privacy but without third party cookies, advertisers will now be at a lost for whom to target for their ads because cookies help the advertiser figure out which ads might appeal to you most, and be the most relevant to you, the reader. Without that technology, earning revenue via advertising is going to become much more difficult as the advertiser doesn’t want to pay for essentially a shot in the dark.

In order to keep this website running and continue to bring you free recipes, we had to figure out a way to stay afloat AND not charge you, the reader, anything.

This is where Grow comes in. Grow is a tool built by Mediavine (they’re my ad management team). This tool has a lot of awesome benefits to both me AND you. The main benefit, though, is that it will allow me to continue to create content, be paid, and provide you free recipes even in a post-cookie world. By signing up for a free Grow account, you are directly helping support TFT…for FREE.

What are the features of Grow?

Grow is in active development and there are constantly new features being added. Currently, the two that I think you’ll love are:


This is a way to keep track of all your favorite recipes and content in one place!

Just click or tap the little “heart” you see floating at the bottom of your screen and you’ll have saved the recipe directly into your Grow bookmarks. There will soon be a way to save those into collections, too.

Premium Content

Exclusive content for you!

When you create a Grow login, and browse the site while you are logged in, you’ll get access to my entire recipe library, including the premium recipes!