Avocado Green Goddess Yogurt Dressing

A delicious creamy avocado green goddess yogurt dressing that you can virtually use on anything!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I don’t really “celebrate” the holiday but I’d like to say I participate in it. Like the drinking part of it, haha So, we have two corgis in our house this weekend. Two young corgis is pretty enough reason to drink, LOL – it’s a true test for us to see if we want a second dog. We’ve been pondering the idea but we didn’t want to get ourselves in a position where we’d regret it…

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Beyond the Table

I’m loving that it’s farmer’s market season again! For those west coast folks, you guys have it so lucky that you can get year-round farmers market fun! We went this past weekend and it was hot and humid but worth it to see all the local vendors and what produce they have in stock. You have to add this roasted chicken with olives and tomatoes to your menu. We are making it again tonight because it’s THAT good.

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Roasted Chicken with Olives and Tomatoes

This oven-roasted chicken with olives and tomatoes is a deliciously flavorful weeknight dish. If you love briney and sweet; this roasted chicken is going to be your new favorite. The marinade is packed with flavor and is the perfect compliment to chicken!

I haven’t made a recipe in a while that I’m like, “you seriously need to drop everything and make this immediately.” I mean, I adore all the recipes that I share with you guys but there are just some that rank higher than others in terms of remakeability..if that makes sense? This one is it.

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Four the Record

April 27, 2013 - Julie and Jason Wampler Wedding

Jason’s and my fourth wedding anniversary is today! I started this marriage superlative Q&A last year and I decided to keep it going for this year. It was a lot of fun reading what we wrote last year so I want to continue this for years to come! It’s a trip down memory lane, for sure. I send Jason the questions (mostly all the same as last year) and then he sends his answers back and I don’t look at his…

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Lasagna Soup

Note: This post first appeared on September 24, 2011. The photography got updated! Enjoy! Spring weather is interesting. It’s like a roller coaster of temperatures. I thought for sure that we wouldn’t have to turn the heat on again this season but we had to last night. It got SO cold and we just couldn’t hold out anymore. It sucks because I was ready for sunshine and warm weather. However, it’s supposed to be in the 90’s starting on Thursday.…

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My Korean Skincare Routine

I’ve been really excited to write this post because I love sharing my skincare routine. Skincare, to me, is the most important thing you can do for your face. By taking care of your skin, you are giving life back to it and preventing premature aging. Of course, nothing can really prevent aging but you can prolong it by taking care of your skin and using quality products for your face. Now, the Korean skincare routine, I admit, looks incredibly…

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Roasted Lemony Pesto Asparagus

what is it about watching childhood movies that evokes SO MANY MEMORIES?! omg, they were having a Toy Story marathon on tv this weekend and I can’t believe the first Toy Story came out 22 years ago. I was freaking 8 years old. as I was watching it, there were so many little things I noticed and then some “terminology” that I definitely didn’t pick up when I was younger. Like, I definitely don’t remember myself knowing what Buzz meant…

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