Iceland in 5 Days: Vík


Early morning, we packed our bags, walked from the studio to grab our daily cuppa and then got in our car (and filled up on gas) and started to make the drive along the Ring Road (road 1, the main road in Iceland) to go south to Vík! Quick note about gas along the Ring Road: I was so super paranoid even before we got to Iceland that we’d run out of gas and wouldn’t be able to find gas…

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Layered Toasted Coconut Cashew Iced Latte

Toasted coconut and cashew iced latte is a whole latte love in your morning cuppa! #nutchello #ad

Let’s take a coffee break from my Iceland travel series to talk about this layered toasted coconut cashew iced latte. Just the name of this drink alone makes me want to have it every single morning. What is better than toasted coconut and cashew milk with a double shot of espresso? I’d have to say it’s pretty hard to contend the epicness of this latte. And you know my love for cashew milk and how obsessed I was with it when…

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Iceland in 5 Days: The Golden Circle


From Reykjavik, we headed out on the Golden Circle drive. I don’t know why it’s called the Golden Circle but it makes a perfect circle (more like a big oval loop) taking you out of Reykjavik to central Iceland and then back again. It’s one of the most popular trails in Iceland and pretty much everyone that visits will go. However, the cool thing about Iceland is that even though thousands of people do this circle, you will hardly be…

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Iceland in 5 Days: Reykjavik


We flew into Keflavik International Airport (KEF) and arrived at 7:00am local time. As soon as we landed, we went through customs (super quick) and went to baggage claim to grab our bags. After we grabbed our bags, we went out to the arrivals area and I stopped into their version of 7-11 and picked up two SIM cards for our phones. I’ll be doing a post later on how to stay connected in Iceland! A gentleman from GO Car Rental…

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Iceland in 5 Days

Iceland in 5 Day via Table for Two //

Iceland was unimaginable. That country is truly magical and it’s honestly so hard to capture its breathtaking views through photography. It’s something that one must experience themselves but I’m hoping that through my posts, I can show you a glimpse of what this country has to offer. Below was our itinerary for Iceland in 5 days (more specifically, south of Iceland) and it will link to individual posts that I do throughout the week. Because we went in the summertime, the…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 24

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 24
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Beyond the Table

blush peonies

(source) Did you notice the facelift that Table for Two got? I designed it myself this time and went for something more clean and simple. I wanted my photographs to be the center of attention and I think this design helps with that. I used Kristin Falkner again for development and she was a pleasure to work with again, as always. I really love working with her! Since coming back from Iceland, Jason and I are still working on recovering…

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