Table for Two Meals I Make ALL.THE.TIME


Where I live, grade school starts tomorrow. I know many of you who live in different parts of the country have already been back to school for more than a month. As long as I can remember, we’ve always started school after Labor Day but we get out of school late. Like pushing end of June while everyone else seems to already be on their vacations! Whether or not school has started for you, I’m pretty sure this list of…

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Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

This pitaya smoothie bowl will brighten anyone's day! Just look at the COLOR!!

Oh hiiiiii! I never see you guys on Sundays so this is definitely out of the norm but isn’t it a nice surprise? It’s at least a pretty surprise! I think pitaya smoothie bowls were made for me. The COLOR is extraordinary. It’s the prettiest food (drink?) I’ve ever seen and I want to forever make these because they just brighten my day. As I’m blending this in the blender, all I can do is smile. Everything gets jostled around and then all…

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Beyond the Table


Well, in case you missed it…it’s September and there’s like 2.5 months until Thanksgiving and 3.5 months until Christmas. C r a z y. Anyone doing anything fun for Labor Day? We are just laying low and hanging out with the puppers. And most likely making this summer panzanella all weekend long.

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Fiesty Chicken Bites

These fiesty chicken bites are the perfect sweet and spicy bite for any game day, party, or even snacking! You won't be able to stop popping them in your mouth!

We are totally #adulting this week. Our dishwasher door has been making the most excruciating squeaking sound for the past six months (yeah, I cannot believe we put up with it for so long) and we haven’t really wanted to do anything about it because we kind of just got used to the horrendous sound. Well, our house is going on the market in January and I wanted to fix this issue before we put our house on the market and I…

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Summer Panzanella

A delightfully light and refreshing summer panzanella salad for your dinner table! This is a great way to use up all the abundant summer produce.

I believe that the older you get, the more gratifying it is to let sh!t go and to not care about the little things. With all the other worries in life, there are just some minute things that aren’t worth your time and you can let karma take care of the rest. I firmly believe in karma and firmly believe that the good always win and come out on top. Some of you might remember this little episode that happened…

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Beyond the Table


(source) 1. Let’s rent an island. No, but seriously. 2. You guys, I created a throwback playlist on Spotify and it’s GIVING ME LIFE. It’s literally taking me from middle school to high school and college. It’s giving me all the feels and makes me feel so old and I just really miss my youth :( Scroll to the bottom for the playlist (150+ songs) if you want to see what I listened to, haha – I went from like boy bands to…

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Creme Fraiche Wings


The last couple days, I have had my recipe notebook and editorial calendar in front of me because I’ve been planning Fall recipes. I pretty much say this every single year but I still can’t believe Fall is around the corner and we will be smelling cinnamon everything soon. Oh, and lest not forget ALL.THE.PUMPKIN. Although, I’m not a huge pumpkin in sweets kind of person. I’m obsessed with figuring out how to incorporate pumpkin into savory dishes. So get ready!…

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