Salted Lime Butter Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Turn up the grill and make these salted lime butter grilled shrimp skewers for your next cookout! You will love the salty lime and buttery flavor that is slathered all over the shrimp!

We attended our first corgi meetup this weekend and it was complete corgi overload! If you have any sort of love for this breed and their stumpy legs and floofy butts – this was where you should’ve been! Haha! It was so fun watching Winston romp around with fellow corgis. Finally friends that are his size and height! At daycare, he’s always playing with bigger and taller (although most dogs are all taller than him lol) dogs so this meetup was…

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Grain-Free Dog Birthday Cake (Happy 1st Birthday, Winston!)


If there’s any kind of person I never thought I would be, it would definitely be “that dog mom.” (If you are already rolling your eyes, you probably shouldn’t read the rest of this post.) Honestly, I never thought I’d love a dog more than life. I never understood the whole “dog love” or unconditional love because I didn’t grow up with any sort of pet. I think I surprised everyone around me with how much I love Winston. Jason…

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Iced Mint Latte

If you love coffee, you will love adding mint to your morning or afternoon cup! This iced mint latte is so refreshing and you'll wonder why you never added mint to your coffee in the first place!

Have you seen this video on coffee? It is basically 100% me. Many nights, right before bed, Jason and I will excitedly say to each other, “I can’t wait until tomorrow morning. Why? Because coffee in the morning.” Haha we are seriously obsessed with coffee. We have been told we have some serious coffee love because we have almost every contraption out there to make coffee. We have: 1. A regular coffee maker, 2. A Chemex, 3. A burr grinder, 4. An…

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Easiest Three-Cheese Mac ‘n Cheese

The cheesiest and most decadent yet the easiest three-cheese mac 'n cheese ever!

Happy August! What the what?! Summer is almost over and kids are all going to be heading back to school soon. How the heck does this happen every year? Everything seems to fly on by! We’ll be seeing pumpkin recipes soon and Thanksgiving menu planning will commence. Being a recipe developer, I feel like I ruin my love for pumpkin recipes way before the pumpkin season actually arrives. I’m busy developing pumpkin recipes for the blog way in advance so when pumpkin…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 31

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 31
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Beyond the Table


(source) 1. Justin Bieber’s new song. <3 2. Did you buy anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I got three pairs of leggings (because I live in them) and this was one of them. How fun is the pattern?!

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Mint Vanilla Simple Syrup

You'll want to make a batch of this mint vanilla simple syrup and start adding it to your cocktails, coffee, teas, and more!

It’s so funny how roles have been reversed. Three years ago, Jason started convincing me that we should get a dog and it took him three years to finally get me to cave. Now, I’m trying to convince him to let us get a second corgi. He wants to wait until we move into our new house to get one and realistically, I know that that is the right thing to do but I’m watching all these corgi puppy videos on…

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