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Homemade Seasoned Pita Chips

Homemade seasoned pita chips are so easy to make and perfect to pair with your favorite dip and favorite game on TV!

Working in the nation’s capital has its perks sometimes. We rarely have movies or TV shows shooting here because well, logistically and financially, it’s a pain. Apparently permits are hard to obtain (with reason) and taxes and production costs here are outrageous. Logistically, you probably want to have all your equipment trucks around the city but it’s near impossible to find parking and you can’t drive a truck next to the White House or the Secret Service go ballistic on…

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Slow Cooker Pumpkin Coconut Curry

The BEST slow cooker dish you'll have this season! If you love the flavors of Indian cuisine, this is slow cooker pumpkin coconut curry is a KEEPER!

It’s gotten to the point in the year where it’s nice during the day and freezing cold at night. We still haven’t officially turned our heat on yet so every morning this week has been extremely hard to wake up because being under warm covers is just so much nicer than standing in an icebox of a bedroom. Or worse – the cold tile floor in the bathroom! I’m curious as to when we’ll give in and finally turn the…

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Beyond the Table


We’re headed to London soon and I just stumbled across this gem: Ice Bar. It’s a bar literally made up of all ICE! Ha, I’ve always wanted to do something like this and we will be right down the street from it after our afternoon tea so hopefully we can walk on over and get in without a reservation. I know a Londoner might roll their eyes at this ’cause it seems touristy and a total hype, but I have…

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Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

The easiest, no-effort, slow cooker dish ever! Slow cooker chicken fajitas are the PERFECT weeknight meal!!

Okay. It’s October. Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? No, please don’t tell me. I don’t really feel like freaking out right now even though I’m already getting slightly anxious about Christmas gifts. Like I do every year because it’s just so hard to buy gifts for people. I’m all about the gift cards. Specifically Amazon gift cards because Amazon = buy all the things + Kindle books. Anyway. The past two days I’ve been taking an internal training class…

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Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake

Pumpkin spice mug cake topped with creamy vanilla bean ice cream is Fall a mug! Literally! Recipe on

Last week, I was deciding whether or not to take Thursday and Friday off work just for ‘me’ time since Jason was out of town. How could I say no to the temptation of not having to go to work? It was pure bliss and I’m so glad I did it. Although, the ‘me’ time I had wanted meant knocking out a bunch of recipes and doing blog work but since it was a rainy day on Thursday, I did…

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Salted Caramel Apple Tarts

These salted caramel apple tarts look elegant and tedious to make but they're just the opposite of hard!

I’ve been mulling over chopping off my hair. It’s short as it is but I want the back to be shorter. Although, I don’t want it to be Kate Plus 8 style but more like Victoria Beckham style but I’m not quite sure I can pull it off. I’ve even tried Photoshopping my face onto some photos I’ve found [read: gigantic fail] but I guess I won’t really know until I do it. For those of you that know me/have…

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Salted Caramel Apple Spice Mug Cake

Celebrate apple season with this salted caramel apple spice mug cake! Less than 5 minutes gets you a single serving cake to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Remember last week I was telling you about my water bottle and how I lost it at a nail salon and then my Pure Barre instructor found an extra one in the back storage and I was finally reunited with my water bottle? Well, you won’t believe this but I lost it again. 5 days after having been reunited with it. This time, it flew out of a car window. On the interstate. Going 70mph. No joke. I really wish I…

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