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Beet Hummus

Your tastebuds won't miss a beet when you make this beet hummus! Its vibrant color will attract anyone over to dip to their heart's content!

Beets make everything pretty. Just LOOK at the color of this beet hummus. Visually, it’s stunning. But what about the taste? I’d have bowl after bowl of this in a heartbeet! This beet hummus is naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free, and nut-free. You’re wondering why the heck am I elaborating on that? Well, food allergies are a serious matter and there are so many folks out there that have allergies that affect their lives every day. You don’t find very many…

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Horchata Latte

If you love coffee on any level then you will LOVE this horchata latte! It's a smooth and creamy drink full of cinnamon and caffeine!

This horchata latte right here is a game changer for all things coffee. In fact, it’s life-changing. Now, I’ve always been a coffee fiend. I loved going to Barnes & Noble and taking a deep breath in and smelling the coffee shop in the back of the store. I wanted to be a barista but was always afraid that I’d probably mess someone’s drink up and you NEVER want to deal with someone before they’ve had their coffee, let alone mess…

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English Tea Sandwiches

Celebrate National Hummus Day with this twist on English tea sandwiches! #NationalHummusDay #ad

There are so many food holidays out there that I cannot keep them straight. I think there is a ‘national’ something day every single day. With that being said, did you know TODAY is National Hummus Day? Probably one of the best national food days of the year, to be honest. I love hummus and could eat it mass quantities that would be far too embarrassing to admit. All the flavors that Sabra has doesn’t make my addiction any easier…

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Five Years!

Celebration cupcake sparkler

Today is my five year bloggiversary! I usually never remember the actual date but I’ve started to make it a point to put it on the calendar because it’s a big deal (to me)! The blog has evolved and grown so much the past five years. I’ve grown and evolved so much in the past five years and all of which has been documented on the blog! I got engaged, got married, traveled the world, bought a house, wrote a…

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Sriracha BBQ Chicken, Leek, and Brussels Sprouts Pizza

The flavors of this Sriracha BBQ Chicken, Leek, and Brussels Sprouts Pizza will have you coming back for more! Made even easier with soft flour tortillas instead of pizza dough!

How was everyone’s Mother’s Day? My brother flew in from LA to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day and my parent’s reaction was the best I’ve ever seen. It looked like they saw a ghost! I’m glad I caught it on video. I keep replaying it! It has been raining in the DC-area for 11 days straight and we finally got a sunny day yesterday but now this week, we are back to the rain. It is so depressing and…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 19

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 19
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Pom-Pineapple Passion Fizz

This sweet and tart pom-pineapple passion fizz will be your new favorite drink to make a large pitcher of and serve to everyone!

Okay, let’s be honest: the reason why we all celebrate Cinco de Mayo is cause we like to drink, right? Or are we really celebrating the Mexican army’s victory over France in 1862? Or is it because any holiday is fun to celebrate? I’m going to say all of the above. Also, did you see my little history I just casually put in there? So many questions! I have one more. WHAT ARE YOU EATING AND DRINKING TODAY?! The caps…

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