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My recent experience with a counterfeit personal hygiene product on Amazon is now my goal to shed light on this dark market that is running rampant on Amazon with no accountability from the corporation. In this article, I’m teaching you how to avoid the downfalls of Amazon and how to make sure you don’t get duped like me.

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I’m actually super excited to talk about this topic. Many of you know over a year ago, I started working out home but I’m not sure I ever dived into why I workout at home. I also want to touch on how to motivate yourself with home workouts. I know how incredibly tough that sounds because …

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I used to be a breakfast hater. I never knew what to make for breakfast and thought it was so much effort that early in the morning. More than 90% of the time, I’d skip breakfast or eat something completely unsatisfying and I’d be hungry two hours later. These days, I’m a breakfast LOVER and …

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