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1. Obsessed with Pipcorn. I love that they’re mini and they don’t mess with my teeth. I know that’s weird to say but honestly, one of my biggest gripes with popcorn are the kernels getting stuck in my teeth.

2. This Is Us. Have you watched it? Heard of it? We watched the first episode last night and o m g. That ending. The twist. Did NOT see that coming!!!! I’m so excited for this series. The previews had looked amazing since they announced the show and critics say it gives off a Parenthood vibe. And you KNOW how obsessed I am/was with Parenthood!

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Apple and Brie Hummus Panini

Apple and brie garlic herb hummus (from Sabra Spreads) panini is what melted cheesy goodness sandwiches are made of! #ad

I am currently in NYC right now writing this from my hotel room on the 17th floor looking out at the city skyline. So pretty! It’s a whirlwind of a trip. I got in yesterday afternoon around 1:30 and was up early early this morning to head out at 7am. More on the trip next week! For now, let’s talk about this apple and brie hummus panini because I’m pretty sure I can’t take my eyes off of that melty brie…

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End of Summer Orzo Salad

This end of summer pasta salad is a great way to use up the summer's finest ingredients (zucchini, corn, tomatoes, and basil) but realistically, it is great year-round! Easy to put together and it is great served chilled or warm!

And just like that, summer is over in a couple days and we are officially into FALL. Bring on the uggs, scarves, leggings, and sweatshirts! Haha I am so #basic. Okay but until then, we have some farewells to say. More specifically, saying farewell to summer and its bounty! But hey – as they say, when one door closes another opens so we can probably start embracing all things Fall soon (hi stone fruit & pumpkin!!). However, I’m going to…

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Pumpkin Eggplant Casserole with Burrata

Pumpkin eggplant casserole with burrata is basically the casserole that says Fall and comfort food. You seriously need to get on board and make this ASAP!

Whoever said pumpkin has to be in sweet recipes lied to you because I’m about to change that perception this year. I have at least four more recipes that are SAVORY pumpkin recipes coming at ya this season and I’m starting today off with this pumpkin eggplant casserole with burrata. Yes, yes, yes! It’s true, you can do it. Pumpkin in savory recipes creates this amazing creamy texture and naturally sweetens it up a bit. Plus, #allthepumpkin, right? I’m the…

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Our Latest Project

We’re building our dream home in my childhood hometown! We are so excited. We’ve been yearning for more space ever since we got Winston (re: yard). We’ve completely outgrown our townhouse and not to mention, we are just sick of being on top of other people :) we are ready for a big yard and lots and lots of SPACE! Oh, and my dream kitchen!! We have been dreaming, planning, budgeting, saving and saving for the day we could build…

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Fig and Honey Mascarpone Ice Cream

This fig and honey mascarpone ice cream is a beautiful pale pink with the most incredibly rich and creamy texture! The taste is out of this world and a great way to use your figs!

Here we are; the last day of fig week on Table for Two. I know technically it wasn’t a full week but let’s pretend? Although, I do wish it were Friday! I’m finishing out fig week with this gorgeous fig and honey mascarpone ice cream. Could the combination be any more dreamy? The pale pink color has me like 😍 and the taste. Oh the taste. It’s so creamy and basically everything you could ask for in ice cream. When Gina and I…

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Homemade Fig Preserves

Homemade fig preserves are so easy to make and a great way to savor the short fig season!

Fig season is so incredibly short so what better way to preserve the figs by making homemade fig preserves?! I know this totally looks more like tomato jam but I promise you these are definitely fig preserves! Haha We have found so many ways to use fig preserves. We’ve put them atop our favorite Ezekiel bread in the morning, we’ve added it to plain yogurt to naturally sweeten it up, I’ve added it to an ice cream base to make the most…

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