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A video tutorial on how to make French press coffee at home!

Jason and I are coffee fiends. We live, breathe, and drink coffee. Well, we’re not that bad where we need 5 cups a day, but we definitely do need our morning cup! I love waking up in the morning knowing that I get to have coffee shortly. It’s weird, but it’s a routine that I love. I can’t get over how amazing the smell of coffee is. I used to want to work at Barnes & Noble just because I loved the smell of books and coffee together.

On weekends, we typically go to Starbucks since it’s right down the street, or as of late, we’ve been making French press at home. It seems intimidating if you’ve never done it before, and sure, it seems snobby, but I don’t think it is. I think it’s just being a coffee lover and this is the way to get the best tasting coffee, ever! Really, French pressing coffee gives the coffee more of a robust and concentrated flavor and it’s so smooth. When you French press, you get the purest form of coffee that way. I typically find black coffee super bitter and I can never drink it black. I pretty much pour in way too much half and half and too much sugar, but with French press, I can drink it straight black because of how smooth it is and it isn’t bitter because you’re not letting it sit in a pot to basically burn.

The grounds are obviously the most important part to getting a great cup of coffee. To French press, you want to get good quality beans and grounds – you don’t want something generic. Go to Whole Foods or your local coffee shop (not Starbucks) and get a pound or so of good coffee beans and get them to grind it for you. Tell them you’re using them for French press and they should know how coarse to grind them. Then, follow the video tutorial above to get a delicious cup of coffee! :)

If you’re curious, this is the French press coffee maker we have.

This post contains an affiliate link.

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  1. French press is the best. I just bought that same one in your video to make them at work. I’ve never thought FP was snobby, so that kind of made me laugh. I guess I wouldn’t think so because my husband is the biggest coffee nerd I’ve ever met.

  2. Guess what I had for breakfast! Homemade Cherry-Almond Bread with, you guessed it, French Press Coffee…with Chicory! Thanks for the great tutorial. It was amazing!

  3. We have been using a french press for coffee for almost two years now (bye bye Mr. Coffee). My husband is kind of a coffee snob. I don’t really taste the difference because I always add enough cream to pretty much make it all taste the same. I am interested in the hype around the pour over method… especially since on the weekends I get my coffee after it has been sitting in the french press for an hour or so (gets a little bitter sitting in the grounds, but again, enough cream and you don’t notice).

  4. I’m a HUGE coffee fiend myself, so I am LOVING this. I need to get me a French press… not hard to convince me, though. ;)